Smith’s response to CLP no-confidence vote as sour as Ryan’s – and as telling

Comment Angela Smith Penistone and Stocksbridge MP Angela Smith last night suffered defeat in a no-confidence vote by her local CLP (constituency Labour party, by a margin of 27 votes to 20. Smith’s response was sour and completely dismissive of local members’ views: Smith has been vocal in criticism of the Labour Party over alleged […]

Phillips’, Hodges’ zero self-awareness with May ‘knife’ condemnation

Comment Commentators have been getting worked up about the unpleasant language allegedly used by Tory MPs to described the likely fate of failing and flailing PM Theresa May. Mps have reportedly talked about ‘heating a knife’ in readiness for bringing an end to her tenure and have said that she should ‘bring her own noose’ […]

Hodges’ latest fail even more vile than usual

Right-wing Corbyn-obsessive and Mail ‘journalist’ Dan Hodges has a remarkable history of ‘self-ownage’ and an ability to be uniformly wrong that can only be considered impressive. However, while his ‘fails’ are often amusing even when he attempts to be offensive, his effort this week was a demonstration of unpleasantness without even the mitigation of being […]

Watson keeping interesting company last night

Spotted together in the parliamentary ‘Strangers’ Bar’ last night: deputy Labour leader Tom Watson, who recently threatened the leadership that he would ‘step up’ his criticisms in the mainstream media if he didn’t get a better speaking slot at conference ‘Desperate’ Dan Hodges, the right-wing commentator known for two things – an obsessive hatred of […]

Speakman responds to Mann: “coward who spins and misleads”, a “disgrace” who put my family in danger

As the SKWAWKBOX published earlier, Labour MP John Mann launched an extraordinary attack on Labour member Phil Speakman, who had challenged his political record, by claiming that Speakman had claimed the illness of Mann’s grandson was ‘karma’: Tory Mail finger-painter Dan Hodges joined in, maintaining his astonishing streak of being wrong about everything: Speakman denied […]

Hodges wrong again as he gets owned by ‘recognised representative of the Jewish community’

‘Journalist’ Dan Hodges has an unmatched track record in getting it wrong, as author Alex Nunns has hilariously pointed out. But on Sunday he set a trap for himself that was so beautifully sprung by the person he was attempting to belittle that Nunns himself had to concede he had been outdone in terms of […]

The day the media attacked a dead Jewish man, Corbyn defended. His critics now were silent – and one piled on

In 2013, when Ed Miliband was leader of the Labour Party, the Daily Mail launched a shameful attack on his late father Ralph – and of course by proxy on Ed Miliband himself – calling him “The man who hated Britain“. Ralph Miliband was a Jewish refugee from the nazis who became a key figure […]

Right-wing men defending McKenzie’s misogyny show the dark heart of the right

Ian McKenzie, the Lewisham right-winger exposed tweeting vile comments about Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry, has been suspended from the Labour Party because of them. Before his misogynist tweets – which talk of Labour front-bencher Emily Thornberry in terms of sale into sex-slavery, gang-rape and beheading – McKenzie was touted by the Labour right as […]

Labour First confirms McKenzie not welcome at events while suspended

A couple of days is a long time in politics. Just ask Lewisham East Labour Party chair Ian McKenzie. On Saturday he was ‘crowing’ – his own choice of word – about the selection of Janet Daby as Labour’s candidate in the constituency’s impending by-election: This evening, he’s ‘eating crow’ with the news that he […]

Labour First’s McKenzie accused of question-tampering at Lewisham East hustings

Lewisham East chair and Labour First trainer Ian McKenzie has triggered disgust on social media by tweets making vile reference to sex-slavery, the sale of women and beheading – including one referring to Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry. Complaints have flooded into Labour’s HQ and to Newham’s elected mayor Rokhsana Fiaz, for whom McKenzie […]