Video: 2.5 of the most devastating Corbyn minutes you’ll see until, oh, say #20XX

Theresa May’s face as MPs howl with laughter at her ‘smooth and orderly’ Brexit claim Theresa May suffered further abject humiliation in the Commons this morning when, as she tried to deliver her speech on the dismal deal she has ‘achieved’ with the EU in the wake of multiple resignations from her government, she was […]

Mail’s humiliating apology for false claims about JVL leaders

On 15 October the Mail Online published an article claiming that leading figures in Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) had been “disciplined for racism” by the Labour Party. Those claims were entirely false and the Mail has now been forced into a humiliating climbdown after the JVL colleagues took legal advice: So completely false were the […]

Breaking: complete victory for Unite and McCluskey as Coyne case thrown out in full

In breaking news, Gerard Coyne’s complaint against Unite and Len McCluskey over the conduct of last year’s contest for the union’s general secretary position has been thrown out in full, in what union sources have described as a ‘complete victory’ for McCluskey. The SKWAWKBOX has covered the case at length, exposing the weakness of Coyne’s […]

Exclusive: Woodcock’s post-general election letter comes back to bite him

Woodcock’s face as 2017 general election results came in Last week, MP John Woodcock flounced out of the Labour Party, resigning with a letter that flung blame in all directions but himself. Among his various complaints, Woodcock attacked Labour’s status as a ‘mainstream electoral force’: But a letter that Woodock sent to a local Labour […]

Dramatic video: May stammers, attacks as Corbyn asks for pledge ministers will cooperate with Vote Leave police probe

Theresa May is fighting for her political life after a week of humiliation and chaos. So the one question she must have been hoping against hope not to hear in during today’s PMQs (Prime Minister’s questions) was about the involvement of at least four of her Cabinet Ministers’ involvement with the Vote Leave group that has been referred […]

Cowardly May daren’t even follow through on attempt to flee Parliament early

After her humiliating surrender to her extremist Brexiteers yesterday, in which she whipped her MPs to defeat her own proposals, Theresa May tried to pull a dodge to allow her to flee Parliament early, before her own remainers could bring her down. May tabled a motion to break for Parliament’s summer recess on Thursday – five […]

Remarkable video – Merkel’s face tells story as May blocks press question re #ChequersDeal

Theresa May is clearly desperate to preserve any remaining shred of credibility she can cling to – but this evening her desperate attempt to do so gave away the game and showed there is none. May was speaking at a press conference at the Balkans Summit in London, alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel, when a […]

Centrist financial attack on SKWAWKBOX fails hilariously – with a serious lesson

On Friday afternoon at around 4pm, a mysterious and unusual flurry of donations hit the SKWAWKBOX’s PayPal account. All of them were for exactly £0.01 – a penny – each. The cause of this flurry was unknown – and as other things were going on this evening, they were not investigated further at the time […]

Cruelty to rape victims and their children – Tories force almost 200 women claimants to ‘prove’ rape

Shocking figures released by HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs) today have revealed that 190 women were forced to fill in forms under the Tory government’s ‘rape clause’ legislation to ‘prove’ they became pregnant through rape. Government rules now only pay child benefit for a woman’s first two children – unless she can prove that a […]

Cleverly makes an *rse of himself with #LabourLive tweet. Don’t worry, we fixed it for him

The ridiculous James Cleverly appears to be the Tories’ go-to eejit when they need someone to tweet absolute nonsense or to defend the indefensible. The ironically-named Tory MP has, for example, publicly defended his foot-in-mouth colleague Ben Bradley over Bradley’s vile comments about sterilising the poor and did so again when Bradley congratulated a Tory […]