Field chickens out – will not call by-election

It seems that Birkenhead ex-Labour MP Frank Field’s commitment to the ‘sovereignty’ of constituents only goes so far. Surprising almost nobody, news has emerged that, following his resignation of the Labour whip last week, he will not call a by-election to offer local voters the chance to decide whether they want him as an independent MP […]

Video: LBC’s Labour-critic Maajid Nawaz in ‘look like a Jew’ stereotype during show

LBC’s Maajid Nawaz has been one of the most vocal right-wingers in his attempts to paint the Labour Party as antisemitic – often making no attempt to disguise his contempt for the left in the process: But while such accusations against Labour leader and lifelong anti-racism activist Jeremy Corbyn are patent nonsense, Mr Nawaz himself […]

Please support the SKWAWKBOX. Here’s how we changed the narrative in the last month

The SKWAWKBOX continues to be a thorn in the side of the Establishment and the right. This was demonstrated in the last few weeks perhaps most tellingly by the series of technical attacks on the site to prevent access just as especially inconvenient articles started to take off – and by even the BBC’s default […]

Video: Field says Birkenhead voters ‘sovereign’ – so why is he denying them a by-election?

Right-wing Labour MP Frank Field – rejected long before today by local Labour members, who passed a vote of no confidence in him after a string of disappointments culminated in Field siding with the Tory government in a key EU vote – has announced his resignation from the Labour Party in a self-pitying letter blaming […]

Video: about to visit his Robben Island cell, May declines to say she didn’t think Mandela a terrorist

In an extraordinary video clip released on Tuesday, Theresa May – interviewed by Channel 4’s Michael Crick just before she visited the Robben Island cell in which Nelson Mandela was held for decades – was asked directly by Crick whether, as a young Tory under Margaret Thatcher, she agreed with Thatcher’s opinion that Mandela was […]

Video: a telling example: pro-Israel activist DEFENDS supporter who called Jewish people Jesus-killers

The manufactured row this week about Jeremy Corbyn’s 2013 comments about a disruptive group of ‘zionists’ has taken an interesting turn with the revelation today by the Times of the identity of one of that group: It’s an interesting turn because Mr Millett is a well-known figure at pro-Palestinian events to both pro-Palestine and pro-Israel activists: […]

Crick complained – wrongly – no cameras at Corbyn speech. There was no Crick there either

On Wednesday evening, as Jeremy Corbyn prepared to give his landmark speech on Thursday morning in Edinburgh about the remaking of the media landscape he will undertake in power, mainstream journalists attacked the supposed fact that no cameras would be allowed at the speech and that the venue would distribute clips after the event. Channel […]

Jeremy Corbyn’s blistering response to Netanyahu is a masterful put-down

Jeremy Corbyn broke his silence on the nonsensical issue a blistering put-down to  Benjamin Netayahu when the Israeli PM made an ill-advised and hypocritical comment on Corbyn’s attendance at a memorial for Palestinians killed in an Israeli bombing raid. Echoing fake news in the UK mainstream media, Netanyahu claimed that Corbyn had laid a wreath […]

The day the media attacked a dead Jewish man, Corbyn defended. His critics now were silent – and one piled on

In 2013, when Ed Miliband was leader of the Labour Party, the Daily Mail launched a shameful attack on his late father Ralph – and of course by proxy on Ed Miliband himself – calling him “The man who hated Britain“. Ralph Miliband was a Jewish refugee from the nazis who became a key figure […]

Breaking: Tory Muslim peer hammers party chair over Islamophobia hypocrisy

Tory peer Sayeeda Warsi has gone public on Twitter with a scathing put-down of her party Chair Brandon Lewis after he made a self-satisfied comment on the release of the TellMAMA annual report: Warsi’s point is beyond dispute – as is Lewis’ hypocrisy. Just last month, the Tory chair performed a u-turn within the space […]