Professor’s powerful email rejecting May’s Windrush invitation is a must-read/share

Professor Gus John (image: Gus John Twitter profile) Professor Gus John is an award-winning writer, educator and campaigner, who was born in Grenada in the 1940s and moved to the UK at the age of nineteen. He received an email from Downing Street inviting him to this Friday’s reception for the 70th anniversary of the […]

Tory chair’s 24hr u-turn – from zero tolerance of Islamophobia to claiming it’s just ‘playing politics’

Brandon Lewis On Friday, Tory chair Brandon Lewis wrote an article for the Conservative Home website in which he claimed that he and the party had adopted a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to Islamophobia by its representatives: But that did not appear to be happening in practice, as Buzzfeed’s Stuart Millar pointed out concerning the case […]

Excl: Enfield/Caliskan scandal grows – ALL black councillors were deselected

An Enfield council article’s headline after May’s local elections The SKWAWKBOX has covered at some length the scandal in Enfield Labour, where the LCF (local campaign forum) oversaw a deeply flawed selection process that saw numerous candidates selected without proper assessment – and was then promptly voted in by them as council leader after they […]

Excl: MP Jones taken to task by local members for supporting gang-rape tweeter

‘Labour’ MP Graham Jones was among a number of male ‘moderates’ happy to tweet support for Lewisham East Labour chair and right-wing Labour First trainer Ian McKenzie, after McKenzie was suspended for social media comments about the selling into sex-slavery, gang-raping or beheading of Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry. Jones joined in with colleague […]

SKWAWKBOX is a bogeyman at new Tory think-tank launch

Ruth Davidson and Michael Gove at ‘Onward’ launch Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson spoke on Monday evening at the launch of a new Tory think-tank – like we don’t already have more than enough of those getting undue airtime as talking heads on every mainstream politics programme – ‘Onward’. Presumably ‘Backward to the Victorian era’ […]

Right-wing men defending McKenzie’s misogyny show the dark heart of the right

Ian McKenzie, the Lewisham right-winger exposed tweeting vile comments about Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry, has been suspended from the Labour Party because of them. Before his misogynist tweets – which talk of Labour front-bencher Emily Thornberry in terms of sale into sex-slavery, gang-rape and beheading – McKenzie was touted by the Labour right as […]

MPs Coyle and Jones seen on Commons Terrace with suspended rape-tweeter McKenzie

Ian McKenzie, Neil Coyle and Graham Jones. Background: Commons Terrace Bar Ian McKenzie, who previously conducted training for hard right faction Labour First, has been at the centre of controversy since the weekend, after images emerged of tweets he posted discussing the sale into slavery, gang-rape and beheading of Labour front-bencher Emily Thornberry:   Those […]

Video: mass brawls at races in successive weekends. No media talk of ‘rich white person problem’

A mass brawl broke out at a horse-racing meeting on Saturday for the second weekend in succession, with fighting at Ascot, one of the most exclusive racing venues, a week after a battle at Goodwood involving fifty people. The footage makes shocking viewing: The media has covered the fighting. But it’s interesting to note the entirely […]

Vid: Umunna’s #BBCQT self-awareness fail – ‘sack Johnson for undermining leader on Brexit’

Labour right-winger Chuka Umunna appeared on BBC Question Time on Thursday night and provided viewers with one moment of jaw-dropping, almost comedic irony – a complete self-awareness failure: Umunna told the Question Time audience and viewers that if he was Prime Minister he’d ‘chuck [Boris Johnson] out’ for undermining his leader on Brexit. Yet Umunna’s conduct during the […]

Right’s whining re Lewisham East selection process couldn’t be more hypocritical

As the SKWAWKBOX predicted in its article about the Lewisham East selection and by-election timetable, Labour right-wingers are unhappy about a supposed ‘stitch-up’ of the process, which will involve a selection by members from a shortlist decided by the National Executive Committee (NEC), rather than candidate nominations from branches. The compressed timetable has been governed […]