Excl: Labour HQ preparing fast-track selections plan for new snap general election

Labour’s London ‘Southside’ headquarters When Theresa May called her fateful ‘snap general election’ in April last year, Labour members were robbed of the opportunity to change their MP or candidate that the party’s rules allowed them. In spite of its left-wing leadership and membership, the party was still labouring under its old general secretary, a […]

Tory MPs: ‘Brady has far more than 48 letters’

Tory MP and 1922 Committee Chair Graham Brady Brexiter Jacob Rees-Mogg has said publicly that he has submitted a letter of no confidence in Theresa May to the Tories ‘1922 Committee’, which holds the power to trigger a leadership election. Forty-eight letters from MPs are required in order to force an election and the mainstream […]

Tory chair Lewis gets owned by locals for SureStart jibe – it’s both hilarious and tragic

Tory chair and Great Yarmouth MP Brandon Lewis showed typical Tory arrogance yesterday with a dismissive comment about a large attendance of local people to protest against Tory-controlled Norfolk County Council’s plan to ‘transform’ children’s services in the area – by closing six of the town’s SureStart centres as part of a plan to shut down forty-six […]

Breaking: new delay to Universal Credit roll-out as DWP incompetence gives some vulnerable reprieve

Comment The despair of an impoverished UC claimant The BBC has just announced that the government’s planned full roll-out of the hated Universal Credit system to all claimants has been delayed – again – by a further nine months. Vulnerable people in this country cannot hope for compassion or sense preventing this government pushing ahead […]

Video: Failing Grayling gets a ‘warm’ Scouse welcome in Liverpool

Grayling squirming his way through Liverpool Lime Street station Useless Transport Secretary Chris Grayling – who has presided over scandals, squirmed over Russian donations to his party and is very familiar with what it’s like to be ‘owned‘ by his opposite number Andy McDonald – must have had a similar sinking feeling when he arrived […]

EU: Corbyn’s Brexit plan was right all along

Comment In February this year, Jeremy Corbyn gave a major speech on Labour’s Brexit stance in which he announced that Labour, in government, would look to agree ‘a customs union’ with the EU. Corbyn was derided by both centrists and right-wingers, who fell over themselves to rubbish the idea. The BBC even arranged a company […]

Tories suffer another conference wording malfunction

Last year, Theresa May’s conference appearance was an unmitigated disaster, with a coughing fit that wouldn’t stop, a spoof P45 handed to her mid-speech, lines lifted straight from the West Wing and, most famously, the letters that dropped off the slogan behind her that said – originally and pricelessly – ‘Building a country that works for everyone‘. […]

Tories respond to own Brexit failure with worker and environment bonfire plan

Almost unmentioned in the media – apart from a tweet by the Manchester Evening News’ Jennifer Williams pointing to “the second half of a downpage story in the times [sic], but find it odd it hasn’t been picked up more” – has been a plan just floated by Home Secretary Sajid Javid in response to […]

Hodges wrong again as he gets owned by ‘recognised representative of the Jewish community’

‘Journalist’ Dan Hodges has an unmatched track record in getting it wrong, as author Alex Nunns has hilariously pointed out. But on Sunday he set a trap for himself that was so beautifully sprung by the person he was attempting to belittle that Nunns himself had to concede he had been outdone in terms of […]

Video: New Foreign Secretary Hunt tells Chinese officials his Chinese wife is… Japanese

Hunt (left) bows his head after his mistake If you were hoping for a less inept Foreign Secretary now that Jeremy Hunt has replaced Boris Johnson, you haven’t been watching the NHS – and your hopes will be dashed. Jeremy Hunt’s wife Lucia Guo is Chinese. They have been married since 2009. Hunt was meeting […]