“Tori tori sauce”: Nando’s humiliates latest Con attempt to ‘get with the kids’

The Tory party’s latest attempt to bring young people on board was always doomed to fail. A discount card for Nando’s restaurant chain as compensation for huge tuition fees, a collapsing NHS, ever more unaffordable housing and policies like barring the under-25s from housing benefit – even if the subject of a screeching u-turn because […]

(Video) Bercow’s Leadsom comments – we’ll just leave this here…

Speaker John Bercow (licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3.0, OPL 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=62182897) Commons Speaker John Bercow is alleged to have called Tory Leader of the Commons Andrea Leadsom a ‘stupid woman‘ and ‘f***ing useless‘. There is a significant Tory faction that would like to see Bercow replaced as Speaker by someone less inclined to […]

Akala owns Tory plant on #BBCQT – but look at the woman to his right

Music star Akala was the star of last night’s BBC Question Time last night – with social media buzzing over the way he ‘owned’ the obvious Tory plant in the audience who tried, from a position of complete non-experience, to pontificate about ‘traditional working class towns’. It was a thing of beauty. But nobody yet […]

Tory councillor removed after ‘lefty pleb’ and ‘Munsters’ comments

The Tories disgraced themselves in the recent local election campaign, with at least eighteen councillors or candidates suspended because of vile racist, misogynist or homophobic comments – and then the party’s own decision, based on a discredited claim, to reinstate a racist-‘joke‘ councillor in order to seize control of a council. It seems the nasty party […]

Video: May’s freudian slip: “We will get the best deal for the Europ-“

Theresa May was completely out of her depth during today’s PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions). So much so that media including the BBC had to admit she her performance was a ‘shambles’ completely lacking in answers to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s searching questions – and the Deputy Speaker got confused about which party leader is the […]

Social media shines with #FakeToryPhoto spoofs

The Tories have faced mockery for a number of failures during this local election campaign, such as the leaflets that call an Ilford ward ‘your ward/area’ and don’t contain an election message – or the letter from Theresa May calling pensioners ‘Youmustbe F**kingjoking’. But the debacle that has most caught the public imagination seems to […]

Breaking video: Hunt admits ‘incompetence’ cost hundreds of womens’ lives. #HuntMustGo

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt – inexplicably to many observers – not only survived Theresa May’s last Cabinet reshuffle, but gained an expanded title. NHS-watchers were horrified that the man on whose watch the NHS has fallen into permanent crisis was protected yet again. Today, he appeared before MPs to make a shocking admission of further […]

Latest Tory local election mailing fail sends a clear message to voters

The Tories have suffered a string of failures through this local election campaign. Primarily the exposure of vile – racist, misogynist, homophobic – behaviour because, well, it’s the Tory party. But also sheer incompetence. The attempt to photoshop one of their ex-MPs into a community meeting for propaganda purposes failed spectacularly and is still generating […]

Tories photoshop MP into community meeting for election propaganda. Badly

While the disarray of the Tories in government was building up to the resignation of yet another Cabinet minister, the Tories attempting to get into local government have been stumbling into a series of scandals, with racism, homophobia and sexism leading to a string of suspended candidates. But the Tories are inventive when it comes to […]

We’re supposed to think Javid will end ‘hostile environment’? His record suggests not

Former Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has been appointed to replace Amber Rudd as Home Secretary. Judging by the apparently-coordinated media and social media campaign from Establishment figures, we’re supposed to think that a ‘BAME’ (black, Asian, minority ethnic) Home Secretary marks an end to the remote, callous and frankly racist policies of the ‘hostile environment’ […]