By-election to come as left veteran Paul Flynn announces plans to step down

Paul Flynn Veteran Labour MP Paul Flynn – one of a small band of genuine parliamentary left-wingers representing the party in Wales – has announced that he will step down shortly from his Newport West seat and trigger a by-election – unless a snap general election is called first, as he would prefer to save […]

Watson told LOTO: give me a better conference slot or I step up criticism

  Tom Watson Labour deputy leader Tom Watson, who this evening is the subject of a #ResignWatson ‘Twitter storm’, gave an interview to the Observer, published today, in which he attacks the party, its electability and its disciplinary processes. In the days before the interview appeared, Watson issued the party with a demand for an […]

Outraged Labour members call #ResignWatson from 7pm tonight

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson has appeared in the Observer to brand Labour ‘shamed and embarrassed’, claiming the party will be “unfit for government, unless it calls an immediate halt to damaging arguments over antisemitism” – yet in his self-serving article he has, of course, perpetuated the argument. Tom Watson Members on social media have been […]

The day the media attacked a dead Jewish man, Corbyn defended. His critics now were silent – and one piled on

In 2013, when Ed Miliband was leader of the Labour Party, the Daily Mail launched a shameful attack on his late father Ralph – and of course by proxy on Ed Miliband himself – calling him “The man who hated Britain“. Ralph Miliband was a Jewish refugee from the nazis who became a key figure […]

Theresa May’s betrayal to win vote – it’s not her first offence…

Theresa May: devoid of principle and has form to prove it As the SKWAWKBOX just published, Theresa May broke a solemn promise this evening to save her skin, by having ‘paired’ MPs – who were not supposed to vote because they were paired with women MPs who couldn’t attend to vote as they are on […]

Outed: desperate May betrays promise to maternity MPs to win crunch votes

Theresa May scraped through a vital vote tonight that – after a start to the week in which she whipped MPs to defeat her own EU proposals to placate her extreme-Brexit back-benchers – would have been likely to end her tenure had she lost it. It has now emerged that she was so desperate to […]

‘Centrist’ u-turn on cards as ‘Labour’ back-benchers consider shoring up May?

Since news broke of Brexit Secretary David Davis’ resignation, media ‘outriders’ for so-called ‘centrist’ Labour MPs have been increasingly claiming the country needs a ‘national government’. The subsequent resignation of Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary will do nothing to quell those calls. Rumours among Labour insiders are increasing that right-wing backbenchers who have until now […]

On the ‘right side of history’ again: ten times Corbyn opposed Assad

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has a long track record of being ‘on the right side of history’. Whether that was in opposing apartheid South Africa, standing against war in Iraq and the bombing of Libya – or fighting austerity when most other politicians were afraid to contradict it – Corbyn has been proven again and […]

Video: Foreign Office caught doctoring Novichok statement transcript?

The Establishment has gone into overdrive over the last few days to cover for Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, since the emergence of video footage showing Johnson claiming the Porton Down chemical weapons facility had been ‘absolutely categorical’ in telling him ‘there is no doubt’ that the source of the Salisbury toxin was Russia – and […]