As we remember #Manchester victims, remember this. #security #cuts

As the nation remembers the victims of the Manchester bombing, with grief for those killed and admiration for those who have overcome terrible injuries, the Establishment is presenting that grief and inspiration without proper recognition of what went before. In the aftermath of the bombing a year ago, as the UK prepared for a general […]

Vid: Umunna’s #BBCQT self-awareness fail – ‘sack Johnson for undermining leader on Brexit’

Labour right-winger Chuka Umunna appeared on BBC Question Time on Thursday night and provided viewers with one moment of jaw-dropping, almost comedic irony – a complete self-awareness failure: Umunna told the Question Time audience and viewers that if he was Prime Minister he’d ‘chuck [Boris Johnson] out’ for undermining his leader on Brexit. Yet Umunna’s conduct during the […]

Video: bad day for centrists as rendition apology burns last shreds of Blairite credibility

The government’s letter today to Libyan politician Abdelhakim Belhaj and his wife Fatima Boudchar, apologising for their ‘rendition’ – their forcible and illegal transport – to Gaddafi’s Libya after their abduction in Malaysia by the CIA, has highlighted the culpability and complicity of the UK government in the widespread and shameful US practice: It’s likely, […]