Video: Falklands veteran’s #NeverAgain hunger strike driven by horrific increase in ex-forces suicides

Ex-paratrooper Gus Hales Falklands veteran Gus Hales began a hunger strike on Monday to draw attention to the shocking increase in suicides among former forces personnel. In a Facebook video to explain his protest, Hales relates that since the Falklands war over thirty-six years ago, there have been over three hundred victims of suicide among […]

With Trump about to bomb Syria, you need to see this

US fighter jets over Iraq The US is expected to start bombing imminently against the Assad regime’s forces and infrastructure in Syria. Based on recent history, the Tory government and adventurist so-called Labour ‘moderates’ will wish to join in – and will paint anyone who opposes the move as unpatriotic and, almost certainly, as a […]

On the ‘right side of history’ again: ten times Corbyn opposed Assad

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has a long track record of being ‘on the right side of history’. Whether that was in opposing apartheid South Africa, standing against war in Iraq and the bombing of Libya – or fighting austerity when most other politicians were afraid to contradict it – Corbyn has been proven again and […]