Right-winger Stanger suspended for ‘abusive behaviour’

‘Lukey’ Stanger getting cosy with right-wing pro-Israel activist Simon Cobbs as Cobbs films anti-racist protesters  Labour right-winger Luke ‘Lukey’ Stanger is considered one of the least pleasant pro-Israel and anti-Corbyn trolls by many on the left. His Twitter timeline is a sewer of retweets by antisemitism-troll accounts, hardline anti-Corbyn MPs and even Tory columnists like ‘Desperate’ […]

Excl: right-wing ‘antisemitism troll’ caught inventing bio for fake a/s Twitter account

Antisemitism exists in the Labour Party as it exists across society. But not every claim made about it is true. As the SKWAWKBOX published on Monday, a Twitter account making a vile antisemitic comment and publicised on that platform by well-known ‘troll’ accounts who frequently attack Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party was a fake that […]

Striking similarity of antisemitic fake accounts that fooled Cooper/Israel – and now Smith

On Saturday, a screengrab of an utterly vile tweet was tweeted by a well-known anti-Corbyn account Grotesque is not a strong enough word for such a disgusting comment. The vile tweet – and the account that made it Rightly, the Brown tweet – or primarily the screengrab of it – sparked outrage. Labour MP Angela […]

Hornsey & Wood Green affiliates to JVL, nominates all 6 left slate for NCC

Hornsey and Wood Green CLP (constituency Labour party) in London is represented in Parliament by Labour MP Catherine West. Ms West garnered attention in May when she suspended her membership of Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) over its victim-blaming response to the massacre of unarmed Palestinians during the Nakba commemoration of their expulsion in 1948. […]

Lansman, Momentum: Jewish Chronicle claims ‘complete and utter bollocks’

The Jewish Chronicle has published an article, showcasing claims by a supposed Momentum ‘senior figure’ about views allegedly held by Momentum founder Jon Lansman that attempts to dismiss the importance of Jewish Voice for Labour JVL), the left-wing, pro-Corbyn Labour group. But the article goes further, with the inflammatory claim by the alleged source that: […]

Queen’s U Belfast Student Union says ‘Solidarity with Palestine’ during Israeli ambassador visit

The Student Union of Queen’s University in Belfast staged a sit-in today in protest at the visit of Israeli ambassador Mark Regev to the university, to express their solidarity with Palestinian people: The protest also aimed to highlight attempts by pro-Israel activists to prevent discussion on university campuses of the plight of Palestinians and the […]

CLPD: new statement re NCC slates

CLPD (Campaign for Labour Party Democracy) has published a new statement on the separate slates that it and Momentum are promoting in the current election of six additional members of the NCC (National Constitutional Committee), Labour’s senior disciplinary body. CLPD alongside all the other organisations that have been taking part in the CLGA discussions, aside […]

FB page vanishes after pro-Corbyn activists out antisemitic posts – but reappears

An allegedly antisemitic Facebook group has disappeared after a number of its posts were highlighted by activists behind the ‘JeremyCorbyn4PM’ Twitter account. A similar post was also made on Facebook: Within a couple of days of the warning tweets the page could no longer be accessed, with Facebook returning a message that it had been […]

Pro-Israel hardliners plan mass disruption to Momentum/JVL event Thursday

Redbridge Momentum and Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) have organised an event for this Thursday titled, ‘Labour, Britain’s Jews and Antisemitism — A Different Perspective‘. Speakers will include JVL founder member and committee member Murray Glickman, who was active in the area’s Labour Party for many years and rejoined the Labour party when Jeremy Corbyn […]

Right-wing ‘assault’ on Jewish woman at #Lab18 – and the sinister links it uncovered

Throughout this week, the SKWAWKBOX has been collating information on a series of incidents aimed at events organised by pro-Palestinian activists and left-wing Jewish Labour supporters during Labour’s annual conference, which finished on Wednesday. However, one of the incidents has taken on a bizarre and telling life of its own and merits its own article. […]