Hundreds of Israeli citizens send letter of support to Jeremy Corbyn

A pro-refugee protest in Tel Aviv, Israel, earlier this year Hot on the heels of letters signed by thirty-four leading Orthodox rabbis and other Charedim in support of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, almost 300 Israeli citizens have signed a letter in support of Corbyn and the Labour Party. Prominent signatories include: academics Bashir Abu-Manneh, Avraham Oz and Shlomo […]

Huge emotion as #Lab18 becomes a sea of Palestinian flags during debate

Labour’s main conference hall in Liverpool became a well of emotion and a sea of colour this afternoon as delegates made a huge, visual show of solidarity with oppressed Palestinians. During a debate on solidarity with Palestinian people, the conference floor suddenly became full of waving Palestinian flags and pro-Palestine placards provided by the Palestine […]

Charedi Jewish protest organiser receiving threats

Shraga Stern is a Charedi (Orthodox) Jewish activist who helped to coordinate a letter signed by thirty-four leading rabbis of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations in London in support of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and condemning ‘irresponsible’ smears against him. The letter was immediately attacked as fake, but media were forced to first row […]

SKWAWKBOX emails Jewish Chronicle with evidence. ‘Coincidence’ follows like lightning

Last week, the SKWAWKBOX revealed that the Jewish Chronicle (JC) had quietly amended its claim that a letter supporting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and signed by twenty-nine leading Orthodox rabbis, which had been published on this blog, was fake. The amended article admitted that three rabbis the JC had spoken to said they had signed […]

Orthodox activist’s unpublished statement to Jewish Chronicle: “Jeremy is a long friend to our community”

Shraga Stern is a prominent Charedi (Orthodox) Jewish activist in London who was one of the organisers of a letter from twenty-nine leading Orthodox rabbis in support of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The letter went viral last week, triggering an immediate attack on its credibility in the pro-Israel media and by the Labour right, with […]

Manafort worked with Israel to ‘concoct’ antisemitism smear against opposition leader

The decision of former Trump campaign head Paul Manafort to cooperate with the investigation into alleged interference by Russia in the US election campaign has led to a remarkable revelation that has been flagged by leading US journalists. Deputy Washington editor of the New York Times, Jonathan Weisman, tweeted last night to highlight the fact […]

Tory MEPs’ vote to DEFEND Hungary’s ‘sovereign’ right to be racist should worry us all

The European Parliament logo European Parliament members (MEPs) have voted in favour of a motion of censure against Hungary and its premier Viktor Orbán for the country’s behaviour toward asylum seekers and minority groups – including Jewish and Roma people. The motion passed by 448 votes to 197 with 48 abstentions. To be adopted, the […]

TV-star-turned-candidate Nixon smeared by own party as US Dems copy anti-Corbyn playbook

Smeared and smeared alike: Nixon and Corbyn Picture the scene: a popular left-wing leadership candidate threatens the status quo of an Establishment, notionally-left political party, putting at risk the painstakingly-constructed business-as-usual cosiness that it clings to. In spite of huge threats from burgeoning right-wing extremism, the Establishment party turns on one of its own candidates, […]

Orthodox rabbis’ statement in support of Jeremy Corbyn

The Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations is an umbrella organisation representing over a hundred congregations and educational establishments in Greater London. In a statement issued by twenty-nine leading rabbis from the group last week, they supported “respected” Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and distanced themselves from “irresponsible” claim[s] in the media that the Jews of Britain are outraged […]

Excl: victim of attempted assault, death threat by Ryan supporter speaks

On Thursday, right-wing Labour MP Joan Ryan lost a vote of no confidence moved by her local party. She responded by launching into a social media attack on the “Trots Stalinists Communists” [sic] – her own party members – who had carried the vote and made similar comments to mainstream media. But as the SKWAWKBOX […]