W Mids Labour First gathers for Mann dinner speech. If you’re a leftie, be thankful

Comment Right-wing Labour John Mann was guest speaker last week at the annual dinner of West Midlands Labour First – held at the Brandhall Labour Club stronghold of Labour First MP John Spellar: Somehow, against all odds and expectation, the event kept a low profile. Mr Mann was his usual riveting self: The audience reaction […]

Breaking: CLPD/JVL/LCND first out of traps with a left slate. Momentum to follow?

The deadlock over the candidates for the left slate in the important NCC (National Constitutional Committee) elections has been broken by an email sent out this morning by CLPD (Campaign for Labour Party Democracy) with the six candidates they have chosen. The list includes Stephen Marks, who is the JVL (Jewish Voice for Labour) member […]

Labour First produces handy guide who NOT to support in vital NCC elections

One of the key decisions at Labour’s annual conference in Liverpool last week was the expansion of the NCC (National Constitutional Committee), the party’s ultimate disciplinary body, which had a long history of domination by the party’s right, but which last week elected a solid left-winger, Anna Dyer, as its chair in place of Maggie […]

Spellar hangs back at Corbyn rally – but ‘ranted’ when he wasn’t mentioned

John Spellar West Midlands Labour First MP John Spellar is an outspoken opponent of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters, having once agreed that he considered calling someone a Momentum member to be an insult. Yet he turned up at a Corbyn rally in Halesowen on Saturday – although he stayed well to the […]

Independent-minded left Dyer replaces Labour First’s Cosin as Labour’s NCC chair

A little-marked change today will have a significant impact on the confidence of Labour members in the handling of serious disciplinary matters. Labour’s National Constitutional Committee (NCC) is the party’s ultimate disciplinary body, with the power to expel members referred to it by the National Executive Committee (NEC) without right of appeal except for recourse […]

How good new selection rules are is clear in how much Labour First hates them

Advocates of ‘open selection’ continue to make noise about the decision of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) to put forward an ‘affirmative ballot’ process for the selection of Labour’s parliamentary candidates. Open Selection, at least in the form that has recently been promoted by Momentum, is essentially a ‘no bar’ ‘primary’ system that happens before […]

Yesterday’s total votes per slate and independents tell a story

The Labour left is still celebrating – and Labour right still recriminating – over the clean sweep yesterday for the grassroots-left slate of nine candidates for Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) – and the SKWAWKBOX has covered the ramifications and lessons of the results. But the total votes per slate – and for independents as a […]

Akehurst, member of ‘antisemitic’ FB group, agrees criticising membership of FB groups ‘unreasonable’

Last week, Momentum put out a post on Facebook warning about a Facebook group, The Labour Party Supporter, which it said includes ‘vicious antisemites’ among its moderators and recommending anyone who finds they have been added should leave: Wise advice. In recent months, as the smears against Labour and its leader have been ramped up, numerous […]

New WM Labour regional director appointed. Right wing panicking

According to Labour sources, the new West Midlands regional director has now been appointed – the SKWAWKBOX can reveal that left-wing members will be very happy that change is coming. Right-wingers – of which there are many in the West Midlands – are apparently like a disturbed termites’ nest, with fraught phone-calls aplenty and attempts […]

Formby collecting CLP data amid reports of mass rogue affiliations and rising GE expectation

One of the key democratic – or otherwise – influences in the Labour Party around the country consists of affiliations to CLPs (constituency Labour parties) from other groups affiliated to the national party. Unions and affiliated socialist societies are entitled to send delegates to a CLP from any branch that has affiliated to it – […]