Senior W Mids right-wing Labour MP under investigation for racism/anti-democracy

The West Midlands stronghold of laughably-called ‘moderate’ Labour continues to crumble. As changes at the top of the regional bureaucracy get underway, a senior right-wing, anti-Corbyn MP is under investigation following credible complaints of aggressive racism against the MP by a local member – and of anti-democratic practice in terms of candidate selections. The MP […]

Exclusive: full PLP briefing document on BoD/JLC meeting

A briefing document has gone out from the Labour leadership to all of the party’s MPs, outlining the discussion points, agreed actions and follow-ups of Jeremy Corbyn’s meeting with the Board of Deputies (BoD), Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) and Community Security Trust (CST). The SKWAWKBOX has obtained a copy of this briefing – and it […]

Video: Lammy makes Rudd’s position untenable – pointing out all she claims not to know

Labour back-bencher David Lammy has been widely praised for his part in Labour’s pressure on Theresa May’s ‘human shield‘ over the Windrush scandal, Home Secretary Amber Rudd – and this morning he may have driven a big nail into the coffin of her career. Just by pointing out, with calm gravitas, what she claims she […]

Breaking: Jones to step down as Welsh Labour leader/FM – opens door for left leader

  Welsh Labour leader Carwyn Jones. Image by Lyn Dafis, Creative Commons licence Welsh Labour leader Carwyn Jones has announced that he is standing down in the autumn. This should open the door for a left-wing leader to take over and begin the rebuilding of the party in Wales, which many members have considered moribund. […]

Vid: Butler challenges May’s lie to MPs, country. Bercow confirms May personally responsible

Labour MP Dawn Butler During yesterday’s ‘Prime Minister’s Questions’, Theresa May told MPs and the nation that the decision to destroy landing cards that could have proven the citizenship of thousands of ‘Windrush generation’ people was taken in 2009 under a Labour government and not in 2010 under the Tories. That claim was a lie, […]

Video: Williamson on May’s Syria decision: “hearsay, social media and inhumanity”

Labour MP Chris Williamson appeared last night on Channel 4 News to talk about Theresa May’s decision to pursue military action in Syria without giving MPs a vote. Presenter Cathy Newman appeared more interested in trying to get a particular soundbite, trying to manoeuvre Williamson into saying fo otage of children in a Douma hospital […]

The 205 Lab MPs who supported Corbyn call for parliament to approve military action

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn Today in the House of Commons, after a debate in which a number of centrist back-benchers again disgraced themselves, two hundred and five of Labour’s two hundred and fifty nine MPs backed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s emergency debate for parliamentary approval to be required before the UK launches military action. Corbyn […]

Labour gains average 16% in 3 by-elections as Tories lose average 19%

In a worrying sign for the Tories, in the three by-elections that took place on Thursday night, Labour made huge gains averaging 16.3% across the three seats – while the Tories at the same time made an even bigger average loss of 18.5%: Significantly, Labour gained in all three elections, while the Tories lost in all […]

Child abuse inquiry: “Council leader Farnell lied to us under oath”

The SKWAWKBOX has covered at some length the issue of child abuse in Rochdale and the accusations against then-council leader Richard Farnell, who was accused of having direct knowledge of the extensive child abuse taking place at the Knowl View school – and ignoring it, or even worse. Mr Farnell denied the accusations – including […]

Woodcock uses Easter recess to visit Saudi Arabia

John Woodcock MP Barrow and Furness MP John Woodcock has been at the centre of controversy recently for attempts to undermine his party leader. His local Labour party (CLP) has reported him to the party’s National Executive Committee for his behaviour. Mr Woodcock was also taken to task last week by former ‘Children’s Laureate’ Michael Rosen […]