Momentum’s ‘Team Corbyn’ missing a name. Vote for the full #JC9yes9 for NEC

Momentum has issued a new campaign video for the ongoing elections for nine members of Labour’s National Executive Committee – showing only eight candidates, now collectively named ‘Team Corbyn’ instead of the ‘JC9’. For some time, Momentum’s graphics etc continued to show the full ‘grassroots left’ slate of nine candidates including incumbent NEC member Peter Willsman, […]

Video: Finkelstein’s damning response to Hodge – full version

Finkelstein: damning Norman Finkelstein was one of many Jewish people to react in outrage to Labour MP Margaret Hodge’s comparison of receiving a disciplinary letter from the Labour Party to the fear felt by Jewish families fleeing the nazis in the 1930s. The SKWAWKBOX yesterday covered his and other comments, but the ‘EL4C’ tweet in […]

LAAS ‘troll’ group ‘data breach’: named/shamed NEC member for asking email-list removal

The faux-Labour group ‘Labour Against Antisemitism’ – which in spite of its name has no standing with the Labour Party and which has frequently been accused of vindictive trolling on social media – was exposed this week sending unsolicited emails to CLP (constituency Labour party) secretaries in an apparent breach of data protection laws. The […]

Huge list of BAME orgs challenge Labour to defend all rights equally by resisting IHRA ‘suppression’

Right-wing groups continue to attempt to pressurise the Labour Party into amending its ‘gold standard’ Code of Conduct by fully incorporating examples in the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) ‘working definition’ of antisemitism. Many – including the definition’s creator, UK legal experts and a retired judge – believe the examples that Labour clarified and/or caveated […]

Newham Labour members present Williamson with SKWAWKBOX #WeAreCorbyn t-shirt

Chris Williamson took his excellent Democracy Roadshow to Ilford yesterday – no doubt to the delight of the town’s two dire right-wing Labour MPs – and a group of Newham attendees presented him with a gift to commemorate his visit. A SKWAWKBOX #WeAreCorbyn t-shirt: I had no idea this was going to happen and came […]

Breaking: Labour appoints Fadel Takrouri as new W Mids regional director

Fadel Takrouri Labour has appointed highly-regarded, UK-based Palestinian Fadel Takrouri, chair of the British Arab Federation and well known to excellent Labour MPs such as Grahame Morris, as the new regional director for the West Midlands. Coventry-based Takrouri, who still has family in Palestine, is considered a solid and extremely capable left-winger. In breaking news, […]

New WM Labour regional director appointed. Right wing panicking

According to Labour sources, the new West Midlands regional director has now been appointed – the SKWAWKBOX can reveal that left-wing members will be very happy that change is coming. Right-wingers – of which there are many in the West Midlands – are apparently like a disturbed termites’ nest, with fraught phone-calls aplenty and attempts […]

Corbyn’s Tunis trip cost below declaration threshold

Jeremy Corbyn Right-wing rags have been desperately peddling the innuendo that Jeremy Corbyn might have done something bad by ‘failing’ to declare his 2014 trip to Tunisia – already the subject of increasingly-desperate and ineffective smears about wreaths and standing next to people – in the register of MPs’ interests. The smear runs something like, “If […]

Latest poll: SEVEN-point swing as Labour climbs two while Tories dive by five

If you’ve noticed a lot of suddenly-bald ‘centrists’, Tories and media editors around, it just might have something to do with the latest poll from Number Cruncher Politics. The ‘shock’ poll shows Labour leading the Tories after a seven-point swing*, with the Tories tumbling by five points while Labour climbed by two compared to the organisation’s […]

Smears aren’t working. Labour leads in latest polling

Last night, the SKWAWKBOX published video of 18,000 young people at a festival in Cornwall spontaneously chanting ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ when the White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army played during their silent disco. It was a sign that the Establishment’s increasingly-desperate smears are failing. Another sign this morning is the latest polling by BMGResearch shows Labour with […]