Phillips leaves Yardley AGM early as left takes all contested positions

Birmingham Yardley MP Jess Phillips Centrist MP Jess Phillips was reportedly a lot less than happy as Birmingham Yardely CLP (constituency Labour party) held its annual general meeting (AGM) to elect its officers for the next year. In a fractious three-hour meeting – starting 10am on Saturday – attended by 92 members eligible to vote, […]

Excl video: “They squirmed back into the station” – Liverpool sees off fascist march – again

On Saturday, a coalition of the left once again joined forces in Liverpool to see off a planned march by neofascists. The city has a proud record of thwarting the attempts of the hard right to march and posture through the streets on multiple occasions – one famously resulted in a so-called ‘white man march’ […]

Bleak, viral WhatsApp message captures spirit of non-fascists in Brazil

A bleakly-humorous WhatsApp message, which has apparently gone viral among Brazilian WhatsApp users, gives a poignant insight into the reaction of ordinary people who don’t support fascism to the victory of far-right Jair Bolsonaro in the Brazilian presidential election. Bolsonaro has been accused of trampling democracy, being anti-women and an extremist ‘barbarian’ and organising criminal […]

Major counter-demo against fascist march in Liverpool next weekend

Merseyside Together Against Racism and Fascism is calling on all opponents of the far right to gather for a counter-demonstration against neonazis planning to march in Liverpool. The demonstration, coordinated by Labour left and antifascist stalwart Alan Gibbons, who spoke on the subject at a The World Transformed event alongside Labour’s conference in Liverpool last month, […]

Lab First & Open Labour candidates fail to win home CLP nomination – eliminated from ballot

Interesting developments in the contest for six additional places on Labour’s National Constitutional Committee (NCC), the party’s senior disciplinary body. At least two candidates from slates competing against the unified slate supported by CLPD, Momentum and other left groups have failed to win nomination by their home CLP (constituency Labour party) – and are therefore eliminated […]

By-election to come as left veteran Paul Flynn announces plans to step down

Paul Flynn Veteran Labour MP Paul Flynn – one of a small band of genuine parliamentary left-wingers representing the party in Wales – has announced that he will step down shortly from his Newport West seat and trigger a by-election – unless a snap general election is called first, as he would prefer to save […]

Ealing council leader censured by Labour campaign body for by-election call

Ealing Council leader Julian Bell Ealing council leader Julian Bell has long faced unrest from many of his councillors, narrowly defeating a leadership challenge in May over his housing arrangements. Arrangements for the selection of council election candidates under Bell’s watch have also been heavily criticised by Labour’s LCF (Local Campaign Forum) – arrangements that […]

Brent Central sees near-clean sweep for left

The London borough of Brent, of which Brent Central forms a part Brent Central is already well represented in Parliament by the excellent Dawn Butler, but last night it took a strong turn to the left at local party level when the left won all but one of the CLP’s officer positions – and all of its […]

CWU, Unison add their support to Drakeford’s Welsh leadership campaign

Mark Drakeford The campaign of left-winger Mark Drakeford for the leadership of the Welsh Labour Party continues to build impetus. Hot on the heels of endorsements by Unite and South Wales NUM, the CWU and Unison unions have also declared their support. With the switch to OMOV (one member, one vote) from the old ‘electoral […]

FullFact confirms ‘Rachael Swindon’ viral anti-Tory meme’s accuracy

A tweet by the well-known left-wing activist known as @rachael_swindon attacking the government’s twisted spending priorities went viral enough for the independent fact-checking organisation FullFact to check its claims. It passed with flying colours: Even the categories judged as ‘almost’ correct were, in fact, almost on the (literal) money, with one of them in fact slightly under-estimating […]