Orthodox union u-turns to support maligned activist

Shraga Stern, whose highlighting of Charedi Jews’ views led to smears against him In a striking u-turn, an Orthodox Jewish umbrella body representing Charedi Orthodox Jewish communities in the UK has announced its support for Charedi activist Shraga Stern. Mr Stern had come under attack after helping to organise a letter signed by thirty-four UOHC […]

Lansman, Momentum: Jewish Chronicle claims ‘complete and utter bollocks’

The Jewish Chronicle has published an article, showcasing claims by a supposed Momentum ‘senior figure’ about views allegedly held by Momentum founder Jon Lansman that attempts to dismiss the importance of Jewish Voice for Labour JVL), the left-wing, pro-Corbyn Labour group. But the article goes further, with the inflammatory claim by the alleged source that: […]

‘A slap in the face’ – Orthodox Jews ask Khan not to attend BoD dinner during protest

London mayor Sadiq Khan As the SKWAWKBOX revealed last month, representatives of London’s large Charedi (Orthodox) Jewish community plan to stage a protest outside the annual dinner of the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BoD). Charedi Jews represent over twenty percent of the UK’s Jewish population and many feel aggrieved that the BoD, in […]

Buzzfeed, Cohen wrongly accuse Canary of harassment – but don’t withdraw, leading to… harassment

Earlier this week, Buzzfeed’s editor-in-chief Janine Gibson accused ‘publications such as the Canary‘ of being part of a ‘targeted online harassment campaign‘ against a US journalist that led to his deportation from Nicaragua: The claim was that in publishing information first put out by US journalist Max Blumenthal, the Canary had contributed to the ‘doxxing’ […]

JVL member’s excoriating letter to Guardian editor re antisemitism ‘subversion’

The beginning of Dr Felicity Laurence’s letter to the Guardian’s editor Jewish Voice for Labour member Felicity Laurence has written to Guardian editor Katharine Viner about her paper’s dire reporting on the issue of antisemitism in the Labour Party. A link to the letter was sent to the SKWAWKBOX by her friend, Rosie Brocklehurst, who […]

Academic study: SKWAWKBOX, other left media streets ahead of MSM on journalistic standards

The cover image of the media report Last week, the SKWAWKBOX published details of a landmark academic study of mainstream media (MSM) journalism around the supposed issue of ‘Labour antisemitism’. The report identified ninety-five serious, “systematic” failings in the methods and reporting of an array of titles and broadcasters, with the BBC News channel and the […]

Dugdale responds to Formby letter – but not to the point

Kezia Dugdale Earlier today, the SKWAWKBOX exclusively published a letter sent by Labour general secretary Jennie Formby to MSPs (members of Scottish Parliament) in response to their complaint about Labour’s decision not to further fund Kezia Dugdale’s defence against a libel action brought by the owner of the Wings over Scotland website. The letter described […]

Excl: Formby’s letter to MSPs clarifies Dugdale case and commitment

A letter written by Labour general secretary Jennie Formby to the Chair of the Scottish Parliamentary Party and circulated to all MSPs and members of Labour’s Scottish Executive Committee and obtained by the SKWAWKBOX from a recipient lays out clearly the extent of Labour’s commitment to former Scottish leader Kezia Dugdale and the party’s actions […]

Rabbi: UOHC did not tell Jewish Chronicle rabbis’ pro-Corbyn letter was ‘fake news’

Earlier this month, the SKWAWKBOX revealed that the Jewish Chronicle (JC) had quietly amended its claim that a letter supporting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and signed by twenty-nine leading Orthodox rabbis, which had been published on this blog, was fake. This blog then revealed that conclusive evidence of the letter’s authenticity had been in the JC’s possession days before it eventually […]

Hundreds of Israeli citizens send letter of support to Jeremy Corbyn

A pro-refugee protest in Tel Aviv, Israel, earlier this year Hot on the heels of letters signed by thirty-four leading Orthodox rabbis and other Charedim in support of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, almost 300 Israeli citizens have signed a letter in support of Corbyn and the Labour Party. Prominent signatories include: academics Bashir Abu-Manneh, Avraham Oz and Shlomo […]