‘Analyst/gambler’ sends letter for LDems in Lewisham East – has bet heavily on outcome

An outraged tweet by a London resident has revealed that the LibDems – as the ‘imprint’ at the bottom of the letter – have been sending a letter to voters in today’s Lewisham East by-election from the founder and editor of the ‘PoliticalBetting.com’ website, Mike Smithson: The full letter attempts to persuade voters that they […]

A little of what SKWAWKBOX achieved in the last month. Please support if you can

It’s been almost a month since the last SKWAWKBOX update – and a busy one. Here is just a small selection of the information this blog has brought to its readers either exclusively or when the mainstream media was largely ignoring it – and some of the key impacts that information has had: a letter […]

Excl: MP Jones taken to task by local members for supporting gang-rape tweeter

‘Labour’ MP Graham Jones was among a number of male ‘moderates’ happy to tweet support for Lewisham East Labour chair and right-wing Labour First trainer Ian McKenzie, after McKenzie was suspended for social media comments about the selling into sex-slavery, gang-raping or beheading of Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry. Jones joined in with colleague […]

Right-wing men defending McKenzie’s misogyny show the dark heart of the right

Ian McKenzie, the Lewisham right-winger exposed tweeting vile comments about Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry, has been suspended from the Labour Party because of them. Before his misogynist tweets – which talk of Labour front-bencher Emily Thornberry in terms of sale into sex-slavery, gang-rape and beheading – McKenzie was touted by the Labour right as […]

MPs Coyle and Jones seen on Commons Terrace with suspended rape-tweeter McKenzie

Ian McKenzie, Neil Coyle and Graham Jones. Background: Commons Terrace Bar Ian McKenzie, who previously conducted training for hard right faction Labour First, has been at the centre of controversy since the weekend, after images emerged of tweets he posted discussing the sale into slavery, gang-rape and beheading of Labour front-bencher Emily Thornberry:   Those […]

Labour First confirms McKenzie not welcome at events while suspended

A couple of days is a long time in politics. Just ask Lewisham East Labour Party chair Ian McKenzie. On Saturday he was ‘crowing’ – his own choice of word – about the selection of Janet Daby as Labour’s candidate in the constituency’s impending by-election: This evening, he’s ‘eating crow’ with the news that he […]

Labour First’s McKenzie accused of question-tampering at Lewisham East hustings

Lewisham East chair and Labour First trainer Ian McKenzie has triggered disgust on social media by tweets making vile reference to sex-slavery, the sale of women and beheading – including one referring to Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry. Complaints have flooded into Labour’s HQ and to Newham’s elected mayor Rokhsana Fiaz, for whom McKenzie […]

Labour First trainer, Lewisham East CLP Chair’s vile sex-slave tweets with Labour complaints team

Ian McKenzie is Chair of Lewisham East CLP (constituency Labour party), secretary of Lewisham LCF (Labour local campaign forum) and a die-hard anti-Corbyn factionalist. In the wake of yesterday’s candidate selection for the Lewisham East by-election, McKenzie has been claiming two-time Corbyn voter Janet Daby as a win for the right, even though the right’s […]

Left positive as Daby selected for #LewishamEast

Lewisham’s deputy mayor Janet Daby has been selected to stand for Labour in the Lewisham East by-election, after a chaos-strewn hustings and vote. Ms Daby was supported by the right, but the fact that a candidate who voted for Corbyn in both leadership elections has won the selection is far from a disaster for the […]

Excl: more MSM fake news – Formby, not Murphy, kept Sheikh on #LewishamEast ballot

Labour General Secretary Jennie Formby On a chaotic morning of wildly conflicting accounts about the selection hustings for the Lewisham East by-election, left-wing candidate Sakina Sheikh was reported to be stepping down because of a previous membership of a rival organisation. As the SKWAWKBOX has exclusively reported, she was never a member and had merely […]