Mail fake news exposed again – Corbyn wasn’t there on date wreath laid for ‘Munich terrorists’

Last weekend was a Corbyn smear-fest at the Daily Mail, with accusations made as ridiculous as that Corby attended the wedding of someone who allegedly – he has denied it – went on to do something four years later. But the Mail’s big splash was the claimed ‘scoop’ – even though the allegation was also made […]

Mail’s latest smear: “Corbyn at wedding of man who did something 4 YEARS later”

The Mail has lurched straight from regurgitating year-old fake news as a ‘scoop’ to its most desperately bankrupt smear yet. The smear in the rag’s Sunday edition is an accusation that Corbyn associated with someone four years before they allegedly did something that they denied doing anyway. Author Alex Nunns summed up the nonsense of it […]

Mail’s disgrace: front-page Gaza Corbyn attack is fiction

The Daily Mail’s front page for tomorrow is a fiction, as the rag stoops to such depths in its desperation to attack Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn that it features an almost full-page misrepresentation of the deaths of forty-seven people in order to smear him: The Mail’s headline claims the picture is of Corbyn laying a […]

Close-up video of May’s face as she faces Irish vote-cheat grilling is revealing

Four faces of Theresa May, grilled in Dublin over Tory vote-cheating Theresa May is in Ireland today – and faced a grilling from Irish journalists about the Tories’ ‘pairing breach’ vote-cheating scandal. It must have been a shock to her system compared to the anodyne tee-ups she receives from most UK ‘MSM’ – for a […]

Video: Byrne’s constituent can’t afford socks for her kids. McVey mocks as Tories jeer

Callous: DWP Secretary Esther McVey DWP Secretary Esther McVey appeared before MPs again yesterday – fresh from lying last week about her ‘apology’ for lying to them – to answer questions about her department’s disastrous Universal Credit system. Her original lie last week had been to claim that the National Audit Office said the roll-out […]

“Not time to talk elections” – hear Kinnock ready to ‘unite’ with May ‘in national interest’

Stephen Kinnock as last year’s general election exit poll was announced. On Tuesday morning, the SKWAWKBOX highlighted the right-wing ‘centrist’ Labour MPs – all of whom happen to have a record of trying to remove party leader Jeremy Corbyn – who are expressing a willingness to prop up Theresa May’s collapsing government. ‘In the national […]

Video: McVey just lied in the debate about the lies in her apology for lying

McVey’s ‘hat-trick’ DWP Secretary Esther McVey misled Parliament twice on Monday, insisting when challenged that a report by the National Audit Office (NAO) stated that the roll-out of Universal Credit (UC) must be ‘speeded up’. It actually said that the roll-out must stop until the DWP can cope with the number of applicants. Ms McVey appeared [video] […]

Video: McVey ‘misleads’ Parliament – during her ‘apology’ for misleading it

Esther McVey – not looking as sheepish as she should.. DWP Secretary Esther McVey is infamous for her extraordinary arrogance and insensitivity – for example, outraging Scottish MSPs by brushing off a benefit sanction applied to a claimant who missed an apppointment because of a heart attack and telling MPs that forcing rape victims to fill […]

Two short videos show how Establishment fools nation Labour and Tories ‘all the same’ on Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn took Theresa May to task on Monday afternoon about her government’s Brexit incompetence, her failure to control the egos of her competing Cabinet ministers and the two years she has taken over the government’s Brexit White Paper – and has still produced… nothing. It was a studied and forensic dissection of the woeful performance of May […]

Hunt’s ‘Happy 70th’ to NHS is restricted treatments – and the anguish they will cause

Worst Health Secretary in history,  Jeremy Hunt has presided over – most NHS workers and activists would say caused – the deepest crisis in the history of the nation’s greatest treasure.  Waiting times, ambulance waits and cancelled operations are now routine at levels that were previously almost unknown even at the height of winter crises. […]