The rule-change campaign every left Labour member needs to support and promote

A new campaign has been launched to promote awareness of a vital rule-change that has been proposed by Labour International (LI) CLP (constituency Labour party) for a vote at Labour’s annual conference this autumn in Liverpool. The Open Selection site describes its aims: A VITAL STEP FOR LABOUR DEMOCRACY This campaign is being organised by […]

Liverpool Riverside arranges AGM for Saturday of NHS march – to favour right?

Liverpool Riverside CLP (constituency Labour party) has a dire recent of right-wing machinations to keep a grip on the structures of the local party since the national resurgence of the left. The CLP was forcibly switched by Labour’s regional office to a branch/delegate structure to enable right-wingers to maintain control – delegate-based CLPs offer more […]

Sick of royal wedding? Liverpool’s ‘F*** the Royals’ event raising money for Foodbanks

Sound in Liverpool (image: Google Maps) The thought of public money paying for this wedding when people are actually hungry in this country is just something we couldn’t bear. The BBC’s and other Establishment media’s coverage of the royal wedding has been at saturation level and is non-stop this morning. As surveys indicate as many […]

Tory councillor removed after ‘lefty pleb’ and ‘Munsters’ comments

The Tories disgraced themselves in the recent local election campaign, with at least eighteen councillors or candidates suspended because of vile racist, misogynist or homophobic comments – and then the party’s own decision, based on a discredited claim, to reinstate a racist-‘joke‘ councillor in order to seize control of a council. It seems the nasty party […]

Southport Tories outrage voters by quoting the S*n. #GOTV #LE2018

Earlier today, the SKWAWKBOX revealed the failed attempt by Tories in Sefton, on the north of Merseyside, to bully a local school into taking down a banner exposing huge Tory cuts to the funding of local schools – and the way it backfired massively. This week, Tories in the neighbouring town of Southport have outraged […]

Tories try to bully school to take down school-cuts banner. Backfires colossally

Ursuline Catholic Primary School in Sefton, to the north of Liverpool, has been at the centre of controversy of the last few weeks after the school put up a banner showing the huge cuts imposed on schools in the area by the Tories – and the Tories tried to bully them into taking it down […]

Video: unbelievable – S*n political editor – “you can’t point to anything we’ve said untrue”

You seriously couldn’t make this up. In a BBC exchange with Faiza Shaheen, the director of the Class think-tank, the S*n’s political editor – with a straight face – claims that she couldn’t “point to a single thing we’ve ever said that was untrue”. Ms Shaheen’s face tells its own story:   In case Mr […]

Liverpool club’s response to S*n picture request is a must-read

The Medication X club in Liverpool used Friday’s good weather to distribute flyers – but didn’t count on just how strong the sunshine would be, so they put out a tweet about it: The sunshine is welcome in Liverpool. The S*n ‘newspaper’ is not – it is, of course, despised and widely boycotted, in particular […]

Here’s what Skwawkbox has been doing. Please support us if you can

The Skwawkbox continues to unsettle and expose the Establishment and affect the UK’s political narrative. Here are a few examples of the information we’ve either brought our readers exclusively or else raised focus and attention on, since our last update a few weeks ago: Boris Johnson’s lie about Porton Down’s findings on the source of […]