“Sweating like a Jew in an attic” – Tory candidate locks Twitter account after tweets emerge

George Stoakley is, according to Tory campaign literature, one of the party’s candidates for South Cambridgeshire District Council. Here he is – ironically pictured far right – alongside local Tory MP Lucy Frazer: A number of disturbing tweets, allegedly from Mr Stoakley’s account, have surfaced that have led to allegations of antisemitism and homophobia – […]

Major fail as Tories try to cut and paste Labour campaign tweet

Haringey Tories appear to have run out of ideas as much as their politically bankrupt national organisation. So much so, that they were reduced to trying to cut, paste and adapt a Haringey Labour campaign tweet to shore up their own effort. It turned out to be an ‘epic fail’. The Labour tweet was straightforward enough: […]

Voter registration for local elections closes tomorrow. Make sure to have your say

Voter registration for the 3 May local elections closes tomorrow (Tues 17 April). If you are not yet registered to vote – EU citizens can also vote in local elections – go to the government’s registration site and make sure you complete the online form before midnight tomorrow. Of course, the SKWAWKBOX recommends that you […]

Labour gains average 16% in 3 by-elections as Tories lose average 19%

In a worrying sign for the Tories, in the three by-elections that took place on Thursday night, Labour made huge gains averaging 16.3% across the three seats – while the Tories at the same time made an even bigger average loss of 18.5%: Significantly, Labour gained in all three elections, while the Tories lost in all […]

How many police have Tories cut in your area? Find out here

The last few days have seen the unseemly spectacle of Home Secretary Amber Rudd trying desperately to deny the obvious – that police cuts imposed by the Tories have played a role in the sharp rise in violent and serious crime. Ms Rudd has maintained her denial even though a leaked report by her own […]

Predictably bankrupt Javid attacks Corbyn over Syria. Opens mouth, inserts foot

A predictable and ludicrous pattern has emerged in recent months, as the fear of the trouncing they expect in next month’s local elections looms in Tory minds. Every domestic, or even international, controversy, disaster or atrocity is followed immediately by attempts by the Establishment to link Jeremy Corbyn to it. When a Russian defector was […]

Corbyn & Khan to tear into Tories’ policing and crime record

At the launch of Labour’s London local election campaign on Monday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will be joined by Labour’s London Mayor Sadiq Khan in branding the Conservative record on policing and crime as one of reckless failure. After the string of recent violent incidents in London, the Labour leader and London Mayor will pull […]

Trafford Tories spell their party’s name wrong in election literature

The incompetence infecting the Tories is not only affecting the parliamentary party, with Boris Johnson and Theresa May stumbling from disaster to disaster – nor their online efforts, like the ‘Activate’ debacle and the official Conservatives’ Twitter account thanking Australian MPs for campaigning with them or announcing the wrong new party chair during a reshuffle. It […]

Murdoch’s ludicrous front page – April Fool or just taking you for mugs?

Rupert Murdoch’s The Times has celebrated the first of April with a front-page that surely has to be a jolly jape in celebration of the ancient tradition of ‘April Fool’. Surely even the sister-paper to the S*n couldn’t prepare such obvious nonsense in seriousness – a claim that Facebook groups that are not controlled by Labour […]