Jewish Voice for Labour statement on Manchester ‘Enough’ rally

Today a further ‘Enough is Enough’ rally took place in Manchester. Jewish Voice for Labour has issued a statement about the event and its context: The event itself was well attended but, according to observers, a ‘mixed bag’ – a number of anti-Corbyn speakers who seemed barely to mention antisemitism in their eagerness to oust […]

As we remember #Manchester victims, remember this. #security #cuts

As the nation remembers the victims of the Manchester bombing, with grief for those killed and admiration for those who have overcome terrible injuries, the Establishment is presenting that grief and inspiration without proper recognition of what went before. In the aftermath of the bombing a year ago, as the UK prepared for a general […]

Another area with high Jewish population increases Labour vote – this one by 15%

Prestwich in Greater Manchester, where Sedgley voted overwhelmingly for Labour this week As the SKWAWKBOX published this afternoon, the mainstream media has wasted no opportunities to link the local election result in Barnet to perceived antisemitism in the Labour Party – but Lobley Hill and Bensham ward in Gateshead, which has a high percentage of […]

Trafford Tories spell their party’s name wrong in election literature

The incompetence infecting the Tories is not only affecting the parliamentary party, with Boris Johnson and Theresa May stumbling from disaster to disaster – nor their online efforts, like the ‘Activate’ debacle and the official Conservatives’ Twitter account thanking Australian MPs for campaigning with them or announcing the wrong new party chair during a reshuffle. It […]