How May survived 1922 committee meeting – and what may follow

Theresa May Theresa May faced a meeting with the Tories’ ‘1922 committee’ this evening – the body that by tradition makes and discards Tory leaders. Even though some political commentators had touted the meeting as the likely end of her tenure, she came through it intact – even easily. But her real ordeal may still […]

Juncker ‘denies’ mocking Maybot dance (video). Kind of

EU President Jean-Claude Juncker appeared to mock Theresa May’s embarrassing attempt at dancing last week at the Conservative party conference when he performed a similar ‘dance’ at the podium as he prepared to give a speech to the ‘Committee of the Regions’: Mr Juncker’s spokesman declined to provide a direct response to a media enquiry, […]

Video: May lies about AggregateIQ undeclared-meeting PMQ – and dodges it again

May’s discomfort at Deirdre Brock’s AIQ question Theresa May’s dire performance at this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) has drawn plenty of comment – if your best weapon is a smear by Chuka Umunna, it’s clear you’re in trouble. But one scene that hasn’t seen much attention is the question asked of May by SNP […]

Close-up video of May’s face as she faces Irish vote-cheat grilling is revealing

Four faces of Theresa May, grilled in Dublin over Tory vote-cheating Theresa May is in Ireland today – and faced a grilling from Irish journalists about the Tories’ ‘pairing breach’ vote-cheating scandal. It must have been a shock to her system compared to the anodyne tee-ups she receives from most UK ‘MSM’ – for a […]

Theresa May’s betrayal to win vote – it’s not her first offence…

Theresa May: devoid of principle and has form to prove it As the SKWAWKBOX just published, Theresa May broke a solemn promise this evening to save her skin, by having ‘paired’ MPs – who were not supposed to vote because they were paired with women MPs who couldn’t attend to vote as they are on […]

Video: Bercow exposes May’s double cowardice in response to point of order

The SKWAWKBOX last night covered Theresa May’s extraordinary, even unprecedented, weakness and cowardice when she not only whipped Tory MPs to defeat her own Brexit proposals to placate ‘extreme-Brexit Ultras’ on her own back benches, but also then tabled a motion to close Parliament five days early in order to avoid the coup she must […]

As we remember #Manchester victims, remember this. #security #cuts

As the nation remembers the victims of the Manchester bombing, with grief for those killed and admiration for those who have overcome terrible injuries, the Establishment is presenting that grief and inspiration without proper recognition of what went before. In the aftermath of the bombing a year ago, as the UK prepared for a general […]

Video: Dep Speaker’s freudian slip as May grows increasingly flustered and tongue-tied

Theresa May grew – as usual – increasingly flustered and strident under Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s questioning during today’s PMQs (Prime Minister’s questions). So marked was this loss of composure that the Deputy Speaker running today’s session made what appeared to be a significant ‘freudian slip’. See if you can spot it: May’s response to […]

Tories so scared to reveal documents, they bring 3-line whip to maintain #WindrushCoverup

So far, since the General Election, the government has been so scared of losing a Labour-sponsored vote in Parliament that they have ‘whipped‘ MPs not to vote on ‘Opposition Day’ motions – gifting Labour the win so that they can claim they were not defeated, but simply abstained. In short, they have preferred to run away. […]

Rudd resigns. It must only be a staging post to the real culprit

  Former Home Secretary Amber Rudd – and the real Windrush villain Amber Rudd has resigned as Home Secretary over the Home Office’s treatment of the Windrush generation. It is a disgrace to our politics that it took so long and so many attempted evasions before she took responsibility for her part in the scandalous treatment […]