Huge victory as left almost sweeps board in Hampstead & Kilburn

Hampstead & Kilburn constituency (image by Wereon – own work, public domain With the noise and drama of various recent issues drowning it out, normal CLP (constituency Labour party) business continues – including many vital party matters as CLPs select their preferred nominees in the crucial elections for Labour’s National Executive Committee, the National Constitutional […]

Night before CLP vote on Wadsworth motion, exec issues new rules banning debate

  Black activist Marc Wadsworth, who played a key role in supporting the family of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence, was expelled from the Labour Party after a public argument with MP Ruth Smeeth. This was not, as was widely reported, for antisemitism but on disrepute charges. Marc Wadsworth Since then, Wadsworth has been conducting a […]

Extraordinary email: “We were delegated to Spellar’s CLP without our permission’ – now suspend it”

Warley Labour MP John Spellar The SKWAWKBOX has covered at some length the serious question marks over the practice of Brandhall Labour Club in the West Midlands borough of Sandwell of sending delegates to vote at local CLPs (constituency Labour parties) – when there appears to be no evidence the club is an affiliated organisation […]

Coyne humiliated again as appeal judge says ‘inconsistent, confusing and weak’

Gerard Coyne’s latest dead-horse-flogging attempt has ended in another humiliating failure after yet another attempt to legally overturn the democratic decision of Unite union members to re-elect Len McCluskey as their General Secretary was witheringly dismissed by an Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) judge. Coyne had claimed confidence and anticipation in a tweet to his followers […]

Exclusive: Labour member saves man stabbed in shocking London knife attack

Close-up of the horrific wound site A Labour Party member played a crucial role in saving the life of a man who was horribly wounded in a vicious knife attack in the Hounslow area of London yesterday. The attack took place opposite Hounslow’s Sun pub and a Labour member passing by discovered a disoriented man […]

Outrage grows as ‘Spellar’s club’ sends ‘unauthorised’ delegates to SECOND CLP

On Saturday, the SKWAWKBOX revealed that Brandhall Labour Club – home to the constituency office of right-wing Labour MP John Spellar and to right-wing faction Labour First‘s gatherings – does not appear to have been approved by the NEC as an organisation able to affiliate to local constituency Labour parties (CLPs), but has been sending delegates […]

Abbott’s ‘Labour right abuser’ runs TORY Facebook group

Late last year, the SKWAWKBOX covered the abuse directed toward Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott by a right-wing ‘Labour’ member of a Facebook politics group. The abusive message was deeply troubling: Bigham also routinely posted angry messages about Jeremy Corbyn and other left-wing figures. However, although the Abbott message was reported to the party, he […]

Astonishing, barely-coherent committee application exposes Enfield selection debacle

  As the SKWAWKBOX revealed last weekend, Labour members in Enfield have demanded that the party’s NEC (National Executive Committee) investigate the deeply-flawed process for selecting candidates for May’s local elections, pointing a finger at then-Secretary of the LCF (local campaign forum). That same official was subsequently elected as leader of the council, ousting an incumbent […]

Excl: ICO – ‘breach’ when Owen Smith campaign shared data with Gerard Coyne

Gerard Coyne and Owen Smith Last year, the SKWAWKBOX revealed an exclusive ‘smoking gun’ showing that Labour Party members’ data used unlawfully by right-winger Gerard Coyne’s campaign for General Secretary of the Unite union had been provided by defunct challenger for the Labour leadership, Owen Smith or his campaign team. That smoking gun came in […]

Local Labour eruptions continue to grow as Rochdale members demand action

Local Labour – erupting as members start to say ‘enough’ (image courtesy of Earthquakes and eruptions Recent SKWAWKBOX coverage of selection scandals in local Labour parties, with allegations of abuse of the rules and outright rigging made by left-wing members against entrenched right-wing figures, appears to have turned over a hornet’s nest to reveal […]