Labour debunks ‘elitist donor’ claim

Right-wing ‘Labour’ sites have claimed that Labour has resurrected Tony Blair’s ‘Thousand Club’ and that this is because the party’s finances are less healthy than they have been since the pro-Corbyn membership surge wiped out Labour’s debts. As usual, it’s complete nonsense. A Labour source told the SKWAWKBOX: It’s just a refocusing of our donor […]

LibDem MP: “I will back May’s deal”

  LibDem MP for Eastbourne Stephen Lloyd has said he will back Theresa May’s abysmal Brexit ‘deal‘, which will remove the UK from the EU with none of the advantages of leaving while retaining almost all of the obligations of membership. SKWAWKBOX comment: Yet again LibDems are doing their best to shore up a hideously […]

If PressTV journalist at Ryan meeting was ‘infiltrator’, RIGHT-wingers let him in

The Establishment – and possibly jealous – media and supporters of the Labour right are in histrionics at the fact that ‘Iranian BBC’ Press TV  was able to film some of the proceedings at Thursday night’s meeting of Enfield North CLP (constituency Labour party). The meeting dramatically carried a motion of no confidence in the […]

Labour set for new membership boost after new “Blair bleat” and ‘moderate’ claim

A “Blair bleat” Labour is preparing for a new influx of members after former PM Tony Blair again meddled in party business. Blair has created considerable amusement among insiders after an intervention in which he said he considers himself a ‘moderate’ and the words “it doesn’t really matter what I think or what MPs think” […]

Yesterday’s total votes per slate and independents tell a story

The Labour left is still celebrating – and Labour right still recriminating – over the clean sweep yesterday for the grassroots-left slate of nine candidates for Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) – and the SKWAWKBOX has covered the ramifications and lessons of the results. But the total votes per slate – and for independents as a […]

Left clean sweep in NEC elections confirmed – and the message it sends

As the SKWAWKBOX exclusively broke this morning and now confirmed, the candidates of the left slate in Labour’s National Executive Committee elections have won another clean sweep, taking all nine positions. Veteran NEC member Ann Black, standing as an independent candidate after being dropped from the slate, did not succeed and will stand down after […]

Exclusive: Labour membership surging again as smears escalate

Labour’s membership, which had dipped slightly, most likely due to right-wingers giving up and jumping ship, has surged again. Rumours of an increase in response to the escalating smear campaign have been circulating, with a stream of social media users saying they had joined for that reason. But now the phenomenon can be confirmed: Labour […]

Field – CAMERON’s former workfare ‘czar’ – resigns Labour whip

Veteran Birkenhead MP Frank Field has resigned the Labour whip. No indication has been given that he intends to step down as an MP and trigger a by-election. Field has long been controversial and considered on the hard right of the party, causing outrage by agreeing to sit as Tory PM David Cameron’s ‘poverty czar’, a […]

Akehurst, member of ‘antisemitic’ FB group, agrees criticising membership of FB groups ‘unreasonable’

Last week, Momentum put out a post on Facebook warning about a Facebook group, The Labour Party Supporter, which it said includes ‘vicious antisemites’ among its moderators and recommending anyone who finds they have been added should leave: Wise advice. In recent months, as the smears against Labour and its leader have been ramped up, numerous […]

In March, Tories claimed membership ‘soared’ to 124k. Member subs suggest it almost halved

Tory chair Brandon Lewis In March, the Conservative Party mystified observers when Tory chair Brandon Lewis claimed its membership had ‘soared’ to 124,000. That mystification was shot through with a good deal of suspicion, not least because the Tories’ were claiming membership of almost 150,000 in 2014: Many people considered the claim to be little more […]