Juncker ‘denies’ mocking Maybot dance (video). Kind of

EU President Jean-Claude Juncker appeared to mock Theresa May’s embarrassing attempt at dancing last week at the Conservative party conference when he performed a similar ‘dance’ at the podium as he prepared to give a speech to the ‘Committee of the Regions’: Mr Juncker’s spokesman declined to provide a direct response to a media enquiry, […]

Austerity ‘over’ – but huge nos of low-income families are about to lose £200 a month

DWP Secretary Esther ‘McVile’ At the Tory conference this week, after lurching onto the stage to a tune the Tories had almost certainly used without permission, Theresa May promised an end to austerity – again. She promised the same last year, just after the general election. But this time she reallyreallyreally means it, allegedly. But […]

Mail’s disgrace: front-page Gaza Corbyn attack is fiction

The Daily Mail’s front page for tomorrow is a fiction, as the rag stoops to such depths in its desperation to attack Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn that it features an almost full-page misrepresentation of the deaths of forty-seven people in order to smear him: The Mail’s headline claims the picture is of Corbyn laying a […]

Video: Byrne’s constituent can’t afford socks for her kids. McVey mocks as Tories jeer

Callous: DWP Secretary Esther McVey DWP Secretary Esther McVey appeared before MPs again yesterday – fresh from lying last week about her ‘apology’ for lying to them – to answer questions about her department’s disastrous Universal Credit system. Her original lie last week had been to claim that the National Audit Office said the roll-out […]

Mandelson ‘regular visitor’ to Kinnock adviser’s home

The Kinnocks, both senior and junior, are receiving something of a pasting on social media today, after twice-unsuccessful former Labour leader senior decided to use the Independent as a vehicle for an attack on Labour’s Brexit strategy – this after the obvious impact of ‘centrist’ Labour stirring about remaining, directly or in effect, in the […]

Social media shines with #FakeToryPhoto spoofs

The Tories have faced mockery for a number of failures during this local election campaign, such as the leaflets that call an Ilford ward ‘your ward/area’ and don’t contain an election message – or the letter from Theresa May calling pensioners ‘Youmustbe F**kingjoking’. But the debacle that has most caught the public imagination seems to […]