Phillips’, Hodges’ zero self-awareness with May ‘knife’ condemnation

Comment Commentators have been getting worked up about the unpleasant language allegedly used by Tory MPs to described the likely fate of failing and flailing PM Theresa May. Mps have reportedly talked about ‘heating a knife’ in readiness for bringing an end to her tenure and have said that she should ‘bring her own noose’ […]

A study in how the MSM work – now apparently it’s news SKWAWKBOX is in Liverpool

Comment The three-ply tissue in Rupert Murdoch’s press empire has published an article showing that it considers newsworthy the mundane fact that SKWAWKBOX editor Steve Walker is chair of a CLP (constituency Labour party) not far from the Liverpool venue currently hosting Labour’s annual conference: The article’s author, Henry Zeffman, states: A local Labour Party […]

#Lab18 second deputy leader motion withdrawn and why

The Labour right and the mainstream media are in lockstep this morning with claims that the motion at Labour’s annual conference to create a second deputy leader position has been withdrawn because the leadership fears a ‘moderate’ winning. It’s pure fantasy – the idea that a SIM (self-identified ‘moderate’) would have the slightest chance of […]

Exposed: Bitterite plans to sabotage conference

With the start of Labour’s annual conference in Liverpool just over a week away, most Labour members and delegates are excited and expectant about the anticipated Democracy Review recommendations and ‘open selection’ moves that will put the party firmly into the hands of its members. But at the same time – and for the same […]

Video: outraged McDonnell’s blistering take-down of Umunna over ‘dogs’ snidery

John McDonnell’s anger and disgust were unmistakable Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell is usually a model of restraint during TV interviews, even when asked about the nonsense frequently perpetrated by the Labour right toward party leader Jeremy Corbyn or his supporters. But arch-‘centrist’ Chuka Umunna’s attack on members, during which he called on Corbyn to ‘call […]

Labour set for new membership boost after new “Blair bleat” and ‘moderate’ claim

A “Blair bleat” Labour is preparing for a new influx of members after former PM Tony Blair again meddled in party business. Blair has created considerable amusement among insiders after an intervention in which he said he considers himself a ‘moderate’ and the words “it doesn’t really matter what I think or what MPs think” […]

Video: Gordon Brown tells right-wingers “we must never NOT be the problem”

Former PM Gordon Brown – who lost the only general election he ever contested as Labour party leader – spoke today to an audience consisting almost entirely of right-wing so-called ‘centrists’ at the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) conference. Yet it’s Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters who are always looking backwards, of course. Unsurprisingly, the BBC is giving […]

Wirral Labour echoes ‘choreographed’ smear accusation – and calls for national investigation

On Saturday, the SKWAWKBOX revealed the damning letter sent by members of Wirral West Labour party, accusing a Labour councillor, the council leader, Birkenhead MP Frank Field and others of a ‘choreographed political attack’ on pro-Corbyn members – and their Corbyn-supporting, front-bench MP. Now, in an even more dramatic development, Wirral District Labour Party – […]

Excl: ‘author’ of councillor’s ‘parasite’ resignation letter is PR ally of Labour council leader

There has been an interesting sequence of events on Merseyside this week – or to be more precise, on the Wirral peninsula. Sheila Murphy On Monday, the ‘Labour Uncut‘ website featured an interview with supposed ‘northern [Labour] legend’, former north-west regional director Sheila Murphy, who launched a blistering attack on the Labour Party’s newer members […]

“Code+” is likely outcome of NEC vote on IHRA examples – and puts right in a quandary

NEC has been reviewing and consulting on its recently-launched Code of Conduct NEC arithmetic means IHRA ‘working definition’ examples will be adopted in full, in spite of free speech issues same arithmetic means that the Code’s existing caveats will be at least retained and probably strengthened to protect free speech Labour members of good will should […]