Jewish people respond with disgust to Hodge’s ‘1930s Germany’ comment

Labour MP Margaret Hodge spoke to Sky News yesterday about the experience of being told that she faced a disciplinary investigation for swearing at and insulting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – and compared it to being Jewish in the 1930s and fleeing Nazi Germany: The comparison – of receiving a disciplinary letter and being hounded […]

Azim on ‘mental health slur’ anger: ‘crank’ is common among ‘young high profile activists’

On Wednesday, LabourList published an article under the inflammatory, “The real battle for Labour’s soul? Lansmanites vs Cranks” As an article, its aim is fairly transparent – and it is not to promote unity among the Labour left. It has lazy and unevidenced assumptions in abundance and dismisses people on the wrong side of her […]

New party plan really is a “coward’s coup”. Here it is – and a Labour response

‘Chicken coup’ part X? The SKWAWKBOX warned at the weekend that the next anti-Corbyn coup was already underway – and showed yesterday that it is a ‘coup of cowardice’, with right-wing malcontents attempting to inflict maximum damage on the Labour Party before peeling off to form a tiny new party. This was subsequently confirmed by […]

As SKWAWKBOX warned, a #CoupOfCowardice is underway. #NoPasaran

Yesterday, as the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn’s video message to the Jewish community was cynically attacked, the SKWAWKBOX warned that the response removed any reasonable doubt that a new coup had begun: The response of the Labour right and the Establishment media to today’s announcement that no further action would be taken against Barking MP […]

Coyle’s whine re Williamson’s democracy roadshow suggests right-wingers rattled

London MP Neil Coyle – not a happy bunny Derby North MP Chris Williamson has embarked on a ‘Democracy Roadshow’ with union man Tosh McDonald to talk to Labour members about the democratisation of the Labour Party to reflect the views and aims of its huge membership.  It’s an initiative that shows Labour is in […]

Woodcock, staff – no denial of “regular one-on-ones” with May

May and Woodcock – regular ‘one on ones’? MP John Woodcock, who last week quit the Labour Party claiming that he had no faith in a proper result of the party’s investigation into ‘sex pest’ allegations against him, has today told ITV’s Daniel Hewitt that he wants other MPs – including Conservatives – to join […]

Video: Cable’s non-denial of new party plans – and “I want my party at the centre of it”

The SKWAWKBOX has published information over a number of weeks showing that the long-predicted but little-anticipated formation of a new party out of disgruntled and defunct centrists was imminent. Allies of a number of right-wing Labour MPs around the country have been resigning lately in what may be a move to pave the way for […]

Ealing Labour 4 Corbyn’s open letter to Ealing and other MPs re Code of Conduct motion

On Monday, a group of Labour MPs will bring an ’emergency motion’ – almost identical to one they already debated at last week’s meeting of the ‘PLP’ (parliamentary Labour party) that mainstream media outlets are claiming might ‘force’ Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) to rescind the party’s excellent new Code of Conduct in favour of […]

Centrists’ party allies resigning in preparation for split?

Two weeks ago, The SKWAWKBOX revealed exclusively the news that a right-wing Labour MP had told members at a constituency Labour party (CLP) meeting that a group of 12-20 Labour MPs were preparing to split off and form a new party – the MP claimed not to be one of them. Last week, news broke […]

Exclusive: Woodcock’s post-general election letter comes back to bite him

Woodcock’s face as 2017 general election results came in Last week, MP John Woodcock flounced out of the Labour Party, resigning with a letter that flung blame in all directions but himself. Among his various complaints, Woodcock attacked Labour’s status as a ‘mainstream electoral force’: But a letter that Woodock sent to a local Labour […]