McDonnell rallies Labour supporters to oppose Robinson march

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has called on “all Labour members and anyone who cares about the future of our country” to join a Momentum demonstration to oppose far-right activist Tommy Robinson, who intends to lead a march in London on Sunday 9 December. it doesn’t matter whether you voted leave or remain, Tommy Robinson doesn’t […]

Breaking: clean sweep for left slate in vital NCC election

Clean sweep for the left slate The left slate supported – eventually – by all Labour’s major left-wing organisations has taken a clean sweep in the important elections for six new places on Labour’s NCC (National Constitutional Committee), the party’s senior disciplinary body. All the left candidates scored hugely above the right-wing Labour First/Progress slate […]

Guardian deletes fake news re Momentum poll. Reality is very different

On Tuesday, Momentum published the results of a poll of its members’ opinions on Brexit and Labour’s priorities. That evening, the Guardian published a headline about those results that was entirely false: The paper later withdrew the false headline and amended the article to one more accurate – without noting the change – but the […]

Momentum supporting drivers in fight against Uber’s attempt to overturn ‘workers’ ruling

James Farrar, one of the successful Uber drivers contesting the firm’s final appeal Pro-Corbyn group Momentum is supported drivers in their court battle to prevent Uber overturning a legal ruling confirming their status as workers – securing employment rights and paid holidays. Following the 24 hour strike earlier this month, Uber drivers are meeting their […]

Lansman, Momentum: Jewish Chronicle claims ‘complete and utter bollocks’

The Jewish Chronicle has published an article, showcasing claims by a supposed Momentum ‘senior figure’ about views allegedly held by Momentum founder Jon Lansman that attempts to dismiss the importance of Jewish Voice for Labour JVL), the left-wing, pro-Corbyn Labour group. But the article goes further, with the inflammatory claim by the alleged source that: […]

Grassroots Black Left backs unified slate, calls for black voice in future slate-making

This morning, CLPD (Campaign for Labour Party Democracy) and Momentum announced that they had agreed a unified slate of candidates for Labour’s elections to the National Constitutional Committee (NCC). Since then, CLPD-affiliated Jewish Voice for Labour has backed the unified slate and another affiliated group, Grassroots Black Left (GBL) has now also given qualified backing […]

Jewish Voice for Labour backs unified NCC slate

As the SKWAWKBOX revealed this morning, CLPD (Campaign for Labour Party Democracy) and Momentum agreed a unified ‘slate’ for the important elections to Labour’s NCC (National Constitutional Committee). Other affiliates who had supported CLPD’s original slate had not yet announced their support for the six candidates selected for the unified slate – the five remaining […]

Breaking: Momentum/CLPD agree joint slate

Momentum and CLPD, who had put forward separate slates for Labour’s National Constitutional Committee elections, have agreed a joint slate of candidates. The slate consists of the full original CLPD slate (of which three candidates were also on Momentum’s) previously announced – including JVL’s Stephen Marks – plus Susan Press from the Momentum slate to replace Kaneez […]

Wavertree members: ‘Lansman offered to mediate to persuade us to keep Luciana’

Momentum founder Jon Lansman and Wavertree MP Luciana Berger Liverpool Wavertree MP Luciana Berger was again involved in controversy recently when the right-wing press claimed that she was in danger from Labour members had to be accompanied by a police protective detail at the party’s annual conference in Liverpool. This turned out not to be […]