#Lab18 passes changes to leadership nomination and MP selection criteria

  Votes six and eight at this year’s Labour conference in Liverpool have seen delegates approve the NEC’s recommendations for changes to the processes for Labour’s leadership nominations and for constituency parties (CLPs) to initiate a selection process to potentially replace an incumbent Labour MP. The two votes carried with 63.94% in favour for the nomination […]

How good new selection rules are is clear in how much Labour First hates them

Advocates of ‘open selection’ continue to make noise about the decision of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) to put forward an ‘affirmative ballot’ process for the selection of Labour’s parliamentary candidates. Open Selection, at least in the form that has recently been promoted by Momentum, is essentially a ‘no bar’ ‘primary’ system that happens before […]

NEC passes 33% affirmative ballot threshold

Labour’s NEC has this evening agreed to put the 33% ‘affirmative ballot‘ system favoured by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to Conference as a formal statement for future parliamentary candidate selections. As the SKWAWKBOX described last week, this is a low bar for members wishing to change their MP – not the ‘no bar’ hoped for […]

Pause and consider: the Labour right has been ominously quiet the last ten days or so…

While some sections of the pro-Corbyn Labour Party have been getting worked up about whether one in three branches is an insurmountable democratic obstacle for people who think they can achieve fifty percent in a vote to remove an incumbent MP, or whether a reduced nominations threshold among MPs is a good trade for an […]

Excl: “Affirmative ballot” is no defeat. It’s the new selection system that Corbyn backs

Mainstream media, as they’re inclined to do, have this morning been spinning the NEC’s (National Executive Committee’s) intended new system for selecting MPs as a ‘defeat’ for Corbyn – presenting an assumption that Corbyn himself was a supporter of the ‘open selection’ system that some activists have been campaigning for and was unable to get […]

Now NEC’s circuits are unfrazzled this morning, selection situation looks better. Here’s how

In the tumult and exhaustion last night after a long day and a debate against a background of high member emotion, the picture painted by members of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) who spoke to the SKWAWKBOX last night was far from disastrous – but it was worse than the real outcome. Here’s the definitive […]

Report of today’s NEC outcomes

While the mainstream media have been running speculation and rumours for their own political agendas, the SKWAWKBOX has held off until facts and decisions could be reported. Below is an outline of key points from today’s meeting of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) as they stand. Leadership nominations Building on last year’s plan to change […]

Jewish Voice for Labour statement on Manchester ‘Enough’ rally

Today a further ‘Enough is Enough’ rally took place in Manchester. Jewish Voice for Labour has issued a statement about the event and its context: The event itself was well attended but, according to observers, a ‘mixed bag’ – a number of anti-Corbyn speakers who seemed barely to mention antisemitism in their eagerness to oust […]

Open selection moves closer as Unite’s Beckett voices support. You can help

Howard Beckett speaking at last year’s TUC conference While Momentum and many CLPs (constituency Labour parties) have been raising awareness and backing for open selection, Labour insiders and activists feel that Chuka Umunna’s recent statements reflect an attempt by right-wingers to hold the membership to ransom with threats of a break-away party in a bid […]

Manafort worked with Israel to ‘concoct’ antisemitism smear against opposition leader

The decision of former Trump campaign head Paul Manafort to cooperate with the investigation into alleged interference by Russia in the US election campaign has led to a remarkable revelation that has been flagged by leading US journalists. Deputy Washington editor of the New York Times, Jonathan Weisman, tweeted last night to highlight the fact […]