Phillips leaves Yardley AGM early as left takes all contested positions

Birmingham Yardley MP Jess Phillips Centrist MP Jess Phillips was reportedly a lot less than happy as Birmingham Yardely CLP (constituency Labour party) held its annual general meeting (AGM) to elect its officers for the next year. In a fractious three-hour meeting – starting 10am on Saturday – attended by 92 members eligible to vote, […]

Smith’s response to CLP no-confidence vote as sour as Ryan’s – and as telling

Comment Angela Smith Penistone and Stocksbridge MP Angela Smith last night suffered defeat in a no-confidence vote by her local CLP (constituency Labour party, by a margin of 27 votes to 20. Smith’s response was sour and completely dismissive of local members’ views: Smith has been vocal in criticism of the Labour Party over alleged […]

Tory MPs: ‘Brady has far more than 48 letters’

Tory MP and 1922 Committee Chair Graham Brady Brexiter Jacob Rees-Mogg has said publicly that he has submitted a letter of no confidence in Theresa May to the Tories ‘1922 Committee’, which holds the power to trigger a leadership election. Forty-eight letters from MPs are required in order to force an election and the mainstream […]

The text of May’s Brexit deal that puts a border in the Irish Sea

DUP leader Arlene Foster and her MPs have said they will vote against Theresa May’s Brexit ‘deal’ – barely a Brexit at all and more a surrender of rights to the EU – because it crosses their ‘red lines’, particularly putting Northern Ireland on a different legal footing with the European Union than the rest […]

Excl: Kinnock – “I plan to vote against May’s Brexit deal”, not just abstain

Stephen Kinnock Centrist Labour MP Stephen Kinnock told Sky News this morning that he and other centrists ‘can’t vote for that‘ – ‘that‘ being Theresa May’s ‘truckload of fudge‘ Brexit deal. However, Kinnock – and a number of other centrists who had tweeted using similar wording about their intention not to support May’s deal – […]

Right-winger Stanger suspended for ‘abusive behaviour’

‘Lukey’ Stanger getting cosy with right-wing pro-Israel activist Simon Cobbs as Cobbs films anti-racist protesters  Labour right-winger Luke ‘Lukey’ Stanger is considered one of the least pleasant pro-Israel and anti-Corbyn trolls by many on the left. His Twitter timeline is a sewer of retweets by antisemitism-troll accounts, hardline anti-Corbyn MPs and even Tory columnists like ‘Desperate’ […]

Reckless MPs contribute to Bastani outrage that puts activist and innocents at risk

Comment Labour activist and journalist Aaron Bastani has been the subject of widespread attacks by politicians and the media because of comments he made last week about the poppy appeal and the scandal of 13,000 homeless ex-services personnel. The issue even featured on Sky News this morning: Predictably, Tory MPs were quick to jump into […]

Video: reaction of MPs to WASPI women protest shows why Establishment is afraid

1950s-born women have suffered insult on top of injury in the course of their WASPI (Women Against State Pensions Age Increase) campaign to restore pensions stolen from them by Tory government changes to retirement laws – ministers have treated them with contempt, even suggesting that women in their sixties should take up apprenticeships to get […]

New videos cut ground from under Hammond’s #Budget18 speech before he opens his mouth

Comment Two videos exposing Hammond’s nonsense before he even opens his mouth A new video by EL4C – made by the same film-maker behind the recent Labour party political broadcast that rattled the Establishment so much with its powerful message that the Establishment attacked him – prepares for Philip Hammond’s budget speech by ripping the ground […]

2yrs ago, John McDonnell was pilloried for calling for removal of Green’s knighthood

Two years ago, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell called for Philip Green’s knighthood to be removed for his ‘vandalism’ British Home Stores pensions scandal – and said similar about Richard Branson because of his tax-exile status and his attempt, as McDonnell saw it, to ‘undermine’ democracy by accusing Jeremy Corbyn of lying about being on an over-full Virgin […]