The SKWAWKBOX needs your help

The SKWAWKBOX continues to have a significant impact on the UK’s political narratives by exposing the plans and actions of the right both within and outside the Labour Party. Naturally, this upsets the right wing. A more detailed report will follow, but a few highlights include: exclusively revealing the behaviour of a right-wing Labour MP […]

Investigator’s report: Pendle racist-joke Tory’s ‘meant to delete’ excuse not credible

Last week, the Tories reinstated councillor Rosemary Carroll, suspended after the SKWAWKBOX exclusively revealed she had shared a vile racist ‘joke’ on Facebook, in order to gain control of Pendle council and put a better gloss on its local election results. Ms Carroll was reinstated on the spot when the Tories realised that without her […]

Video: hell freezes over as even BBC agrees May an answer-free ‘shambles’ at #PMQs

Jeremy Corbyn wiped the floor with Theresa May during today’s Prime Minister’s questions (PMQs) as he grilled her over her hopelessness on Brexit issues. So much so, that the Deputy Speaker accidentally called him ‘Prime Minister’ and even HuffPost’s Paul Waugh couldn’t help but agree: Corbyn won #PMQs by6-0. May was left gasping like a […]

Barnet Tory campaign accused Labour councillor of Hitler slur. No mention by MSM

Results in Barnet have been the most persistent focus in the mainstream media (MSM) of all of last week’s local elections across England, with both local councillors and MSM commentators suggesting the result – in which some Labour councillors lost their seats – was because of supposed mishandling of antisemitism complaints by Labour leader Jeremy […]

The BBC gave 2 uninterrupted mins to positive election coverage. It got little attention

Astonishingly, the BBC gave two full, uninterrupted minutes to a guest speaking positively – and correctly so – about Labour’s performance in last week’s local elections. Labour supporters are all too familiar with the usual syndrome – of Tory guests respectfully given free rein to spout even outright falsehoods, while the same presenters interrupt and […]

Labour wins popular vote in Wandsworth

The media – and a rather desperate-looking set of Tories behind Theresa May – made much this week of the Conservatives clinging on by the narrowest of margins, around 160 votes across three wards, in Wandsworth, a borough that the Tories have held for forty years. As the SKWAWKBOX observed on Friday, the faces on […]

Another area with high Jewish population increases Labour vote – this one by 15%

Prestwich in Greater Manchester, where Sedgley voted overwhelmingly for Labour this week As the SKWAWKBOX published this afternoon, the mainstream media has wasted no opportunities to link the local election result in Barnet to perceived antisemitism in the Labour Party – but Lobley Hill and Bensham ward in Gateshead, which has a high percentage of […]

While MSM push Barnet, Gateshead’s Jewish district increased its Labour vote by 13%

Lobley Hill and Bensham ward, from Gateshead Council website Lobley Hill and Bensham ward, in Gateshead in the north-east, has a large Orthodox Jewish community – and a quickly-increasing one, according to the Jewish Times. On Thursday the ward voted, along with hundreds of others across England, in the local council elections. The BBC has wasted […]

The local election overview you won’t get from the BBC

In a 1984-like misrepresentation, the BBC – and of course the right-wing owned media and Blairite Labour back-benchers – have painted Labour’s significant gains in Thursday’s local elections as a failure. Coincidentally, many of those pushing the ‘failure’ line have also independently decided to push a ‘have we reached peak Corbyn?’ line as well. Here […]

Labour lost Wandsworth – by 150 votes. In total. Wonder why BBC isn’t mentioning…

As the SKWAWKBOX published earlier, Theresa May and the Wandsworth Tories behind her looked shell-shocked and afraid as they ‘celebrated’ managing to hold onto a borough they have controlled solidly since 1978: No wonder. They held on by the skin of their teeth. Across all seats up for election in the whole borough, the total number […]