Brent Central sees near-clean sweep for left

The London borough of Brent, of which Brent Central forms a part Brent Central is already well represented in Parliament by the excellent Dawn Butler, but last night it took a strong turn to the left at local party level when the left won all but one of the CLP’s officer positions – and all of its […]

Clearing up the NCC election confusion: who can vote and how it’ll work

Nominations for the important elections to Labour’s National Constitutional Committee (NCC), the party’s senior disciplinary body, are underway and will close 28 October. The contest itself became clearer for members with yesterday’s announcement of a unified ‘slate’ of left-wing candidates by CLPD, Momentum and other organisations. However, there has been considerable confusion over the issues […]

Grassroots Black Left backs unified slate, calls for black voice in future slate-making

This morning, CLPD (Campaign for Labour Party Democracy) and Momentum announced that they had agreed a unified slate of candidates for Labour’s elections to the National Constitutional Committee (NCC). Since then, CLPD-affiliated Jewish Voice for Labour has backed the unified slate and another affiliated group, Grassroots Black Left (GBL) has now also given qualified backing […]

Jewish Voice for Labour backs unified NCC slate

As the SKWAWKBOX revealed this morning, CLPD (Campaign for Labour Party Democracy) and Momentum agreed a unified ‘slate’ for the important elections to Labour’s NCC (National Constitutional Committee). Other affiliates who had supported CLPD’s original slate had not yet announced their support for the six candidates selected for the unified slate – the five remaining […]

Breaking: Momentum/CLPD agree joint slate

Momentum and CLPD, who had put forward separate slates for Labour’s National Constitutional Committee elections, have agreed a joint slate of candidates. The slate consists of the full original CLPD slate (of which three candidates were also on Momentum’s) previously announced – including JVL’s Stephen Marks – plus Susan Press from the Momentum slate to replace Kaneez […]

‘Geographical diversity’ difference between CLPD/Momentum slates = 1 London candidate?

The battle between two competing left slates – those put forward by CLPD and Momentum – for the important election of additional members of Labour’s senior disciplinary body, the National Constitutional Committee (NCC), has led to a narrative developing that the Momentum slate is more ‘geographically diverse’ and that the CLPD slate has ‘too many […]

Breaking: CLPD choose new slate candidate Sonia Klein

Sonia Klein has been chosen by Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) as the new candidate for its left slate in the elections for additional members of Labour’s National Constitutional Committee (NCC), the party’s senior disciplinary body. Ms Klein, who was initially proposed by Labour CND, is a Labour member in the Welsh constituency of […]

Red Labour backs CLPD slate for NCC

In the important elections for six additional members of the National Constitutional Committee (NCC), the Labour Party’s senior disciplinary body, the party’s left faces a choice between two ‘slates’ of candidates – or more accurately one and a half slates, as three candidates appear on both – put forward by Momentum on the one hand […]

CLPD statement on northern candidate stepping down indicates new pick likely

On Friday Kaneez Akhtar, one of the six candidates on CLPD’s slate for the National Constitutional Committee elections announced that she was stepping down, adding: I believe all Labour Party national committees should reflect its membership and its representatives should come from various geographical areas. I fully support the IHRA definition of antisemitism and was […]

CLPD: new statement re NCC slates

CLPD (Campaign for Labour Party Democracy) has published a new statement on the separate slates that it and Momentum are promoting in the current election of six additional members of the NCC (National Constitutional Committee), Labour’s senior disciplinary body. CLPD alongside all the other organisations that have been taking part in the CLGA discussions, aside […]