Byrne’s Hodge Hill CLP swings overwhelmingly left

The SKWAWKBOX reported in the early hours on the near-clean sweep last night for the left in London’s Hampstead and Kilburn CLP (constituency Labour party), which elected or nominated left candidates for every position bar one in the vital National Executive Committee (NEC), National Policy Forum (NPF) and National Constitutional Committee (NCC) elections, as well […]

Huge victory as left almost sweeps board in Hampstead & Kilburn

Hampstead & Kilburn constituency (image by Wereon – own work, public domain With the noise and drama of various recent issues drowning it out, normal CLP (constituency Labour party) business continues – including many vital party matters as CLPs select their preferred nominees in the crucial elections for Labour’s National Executive Committee, the National Constitutional […]

Video: ‘ejected just after we chanted’ – so who’s this giving an interview at #LabourLive?

As the SKWAWKBOX covered on Monday, a small group of ‘centrists’ tried to disrupt Jeremy Corbyn’s speech during Saturday’s ‘LabourLive’ event in London – and two of them, including a right-wing candidate in this summer’s NEC elections, told Sky News on Saturday that they were immediately ‘ejected’ from the venue. The NEC candidate, Jasmin Beckett, […]

Beckett named Kevin Schofield as possible witness to #LabourLive ‘ejection’. He wasn’t there

Earlier today, the SKWAWKBOX reported on video footage and eyewitness testimony that appears to contradict the claim by right-wing NEC candidate Jasmin Beckett and others that they were ‘ejected’ from Saturday’s LabourLive event in London for staging a ‘stop Brexit’ protest. When asked to comment on the evidence suggesting that the protesters had left freely and […]

Video and eyewitnesses challenge Beckett’s Sky claim ‘ejected’ from #LabourLive

Former NEC member and current NEC candidate on the right-wing Labour First/Progress slate Jasmin Beckett appeared on Sky News on Sunday morning with a colleague and claimed they had been ‘turfed out’ of Saturday’s Labour Live. There appear to be serious question marks over this claim. A barrister who witnessed them leaving refuted the allegation […]

Ryan’s CLP votes overwhelmingly for investigation into ally’s selection process

The SKWAWKBOX has exposed the extremely troubling practices involved in the selection of candidates for the recent local elections in the London borough of Enfield – and the way in which the LCF (local campaign forum) Secretary who oversaw the admittedly-flawed process was then elected as council leader by the candidates who made it through […]

W Brom West CLP asks Formby for urgent investigation into suspect Brandhall affiliations

The SKWAWKBOX has been covering at length the issue of suspicious attachment of delegates to CLPs (constituency Labour parties) in the West Midlands borough of Sandwell – the heart of right-wing Labour, if it can be said to have a heart. Delegates from affiliated organisations can exercise considerable control over the affairs, decisions and direction […]

Outrage grows as ‘Spellar’s club’ sends ‘unauthorised’ delegates to SECOND CLP

On Saturday, the SKWAWKBOX revealed that Brandhall Labour Club – home to the constituency office of right-wing Labour MP John Spellar and to right-wing faction Labour First‘s gatherings – does not appear to have been approved by the NEC as an organisation able to affiliate to local constituency Labour parties (CLPs), but has been sending delegates […]

A little of what SKWAWKBOX achieved in the last month. Please support if you can

It’s been almost a month since the last SKWAWKBOX update – and a busy one. Here is just a small selection of the information this blog has brought to its readers either exclusively or when the mainstream media was largely ignoring it – and some of the key impacts that information has had: a letter […]

Spellar’s office home ‘sending delegates to his CLP from without affiliation’

Warley MP John Spellar is known for keeping a tight rein on his CLP (constituency Labour party). But recent information calls into question just how tight. Spellar is a major figure in Labour First, the hard-right Labour faction that until recently was sending a trainer – until the trainer was suspended over misogynist tweets and other complaints […]