Excl: Miliband set to return to Shadow Cabinet in NHS or Defence role

Ed Miliband Former Labour leader Ed Miliband is looking to return to a front bench position with the Labour party. Insiders say he wants a ‘big job he can get his teeth into’ – an NHS or brief looks likely. Miliband remained MP for Doncaster North when he resigned as party leader. The SKWAWKBOX needs […]

BMA: calls for ‘shambolic’ Capita to lose contract after up to 48,500 missed cancer screening info

The British Medical Association’s (BMA) General Practice division has tweeted its extreme concern about an ‘appalling’ error by private contractor Capita that led to as many as 48,500 women not receiving cervical cancer screening invitations or, in some cases, results – putting women’s lives at risk: Dr Richard Vautry, chair of the BMA’s GP committee, […]

Drakeford launches manifesto for Welsh Labour

Welsh Labour leadership candidate Mark Drakeford has launched his detailed manifesto for Welsh Labour – and the Welsh government – if he succeeds in his election bid. The forty-page document outlines his plans for education, the NHS, the economy, employment, Wales’ relationship with Europe, energy, the environment, housing, data use and more. Here are a […]

Hancock’s half-app is a licence to kill the GP services we rely on

Health Secretary Matt Hancock is taking over where his woeful predecessors Jeremy Hunt and Andrew Lansley left off by escalating the Tories assault on the NHS as a public, comprehensive service – and is doing so, as they did, by stealth-privatisation. Hancock was due to announce today – and tweeted to confirm it – Tory ‘plans […]

Exclusive part 2: interview with left Welsh leader candidate Drakeford

Welsh Labour leadership hopeful Mark Drakeford On Friday, the SKWAWKBOX published the first part of a two-part series on an exclusive interview with Welsh Labour leadership – and First Minister – candidate Mark Drakeford. In part one, Drakeford talked about his background, about the Welsh language, addressing economic imbalances across Wales, democracy in the Welsh […]

Exclusive: first of two-part interview with Welsh Labour leadership hopeful Mark Drakeford

Left-winger Mark Drakeford The contest for the leadership of the Welsh Labour Party – and the position of First Minister of the Welsh Assembly – is well and truly underway, with many union and CLP (constituency Labour party) nominations filed and weekly hustings being held. Three candidates are in the running and have received enough […]

Astonishingly crass #PeoplesVote (trigger warning) exposes the campaign’s Blairite core

Comment The ‘People’s Vote’ anti-Brexit campaign let slip something of its Blairite nature in one of the advertising posters it is using in preparation for its march today. The campaign has seen the likes of the dire Chris Leslie and the awful Anna Soubry getting very chummy and is backed, among others, Chuka Umunna, who […]

Labour’s response to May’s ‘end’ to austerity: a brutal con

Labour Party chair Ian Lavery MP Labour has responded to Theresa May’s conference claim that she is going to bring an end to austerity, with a withering retort from straight-talking MP and party chair Ian Lavery. Lavery pointed out the huge cuts to some of the UK’s poorest families signalled this week by DWP Secretary […]

NHS body parts scandal: criminal investigation launched

Image credit: BBC The ‘NHS body parts scandal’, in which hundreds of tonnes of medical waste including human body parts have been left to pile up by a firm unable to properly fulfil a contract to incinerate them, is a grim example of the dangers of the government’s headlong rush to farm out NHS services […]

Govt was warned body-parts firm’s bid was unrealistically low

A huge scandal has broken today with the revelation by the Health Service Journal that a private firm with a public contract for disposing of clinical waste has been unable to execute its contract in a ‘timely’ fashion, leading to a ‘pile up‘ of hundreds of tonnes of human body parts and other waste. This is […]