Woodcock ‘withdrawing cooperation’ from investigation of ‘sex pest’ allegations

John Woodcock Cumbrian MP John Woodcock has been suspended from the Labour Party over ‘sex pest’ allegations – and his self-defence when his suspension came to light clearly revealed the hypocrisy of the Labour right. Woodcock pleaded for due process and none of his fellow Blairites seemed to find it objectionable – which was a […]

Children forcibly injected with psych-drugs under Trump immigration regime

A report by the US Center for Investigative Reporting has revealed that, according to federal court filings on behalf of children and families, holding centres for children who have been stripped from their parent have been forcibly injecting children with high doses of powerful, dangerous anti-psychotic and psychotropic medications. The substances used have caused disorientation, fatigue, […]

Unrepentant Sugar taken to public school for racist tweet about black footballers

Alan Sugar has again been heavily criticised on social media for an astonishingly insensitive tweet containing an image of Senegal’s black footballers with a comment comparing them to Marbella beach-sellers: The image was even edited to add sunglasses and handbags laid out on blankets. In spite of an immediate, outraged response, Sugar chose to defend […]

Outrage as Enfield council leader kills motion to protect threatened staff

The SKWAWKBOX has revealed numerous scandals in the conduct of Labour selection processes – and the subsequent election has council leader of Nesil Caliskan – who oversaw the ‘irregular’ selection of candidates, by the candidates who benefited from that process – ousting popular incumbent Doug Taylor. The SKWAWKBOX also covered the decision to threaten the […]

Shadow Women’s Sec Butler tears into May over upskirting failure

As the SKWAWKBOX covered on Friday, Tory MPs blocked legislation to outlaw ‘upskirting’ by talking non-stop for hours until deadlines for it to proceed further through the legislative process. Philip Davies has angrily denied that his intention was to block the Voyeurism (Offences) Bill, but the effect of his droning helped to ensure its failure – […]

The obvious omission from #LushPolice #SpyCops story that no-one is mentioning

The Lush retail chain has taken down its ‘Paid to Lie’ ad, claiming it has been intimidated into doing so by ex-police officers – even though whistleblower ex-‘spycop’ Peter Francis has stated that it is completely accurate: The supposed ‘public outrage’ about the ad seems to have been largely Establishment outrage and police officers have […]

Gwynne defends Israeli visit

Shadow Communities Secretary Andrew Gwynne Front-bencher Andrew Gwynne is one of several Labour MPs whose visit to Israel as part of a Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) delegation this week has attracted outrage in the wake of the slaughter of over sixty Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza – and the serious wounding of thousands more – […]

Labour MPs react to Gaza massacre – by posing for ‘tourist’ snaps in Israel

Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) caused outrage recently by issuing a ‘victim-blaming’ statement in response to the massacre of around sixty Palestinians by Israeli soldiers. Three Labour MPs distanced themselves from the group after the statement, asking for their names to be removed from LFI’s list of supporters – two even claimed that their names […]

Suspended McKenzie’s vile social media history continues to emerge

As right-wing, male Labour MPs attempt to defend the indefensible – the hideous tweets about the murder and gang-rape of a female Labour front-bencher by now-suspended Lewisham East party chair and Labour campaign secretary Ian McKenzie – and even socialise with him in Parliament, their members have begun to take them to task. But McKenzie’s […]

Right-wing men defending McKenzie’s misogyny show the dark heart of the right

Ian McKenzie, the Lewisham right-winger exposed tweeting vile comments about Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry, has been suspended from the Labour Party because of them. Before his misogynist tweets – which talk of Labour front-bencher Emily Thornberry in terms of sale into sex-slavery, gang-rape and beheading – McKenzie was touted by the Labour right as […]