Excl: NUJ ‘subverts democracy’ to ‘bully’ Mendoza out of Black History Month lecture

Canary editor-in-chief Kerry-Anne Mendoza NUJ’s black members (BMC) invited Canary editor Kerry-Anne Mendoza to deliver Black History Month lecture NUJ ‘chapel’ at Guardian/Observer ‘chapel’ protested Mendoza invitation NUJ’s NEC voted to ask  BMC to discuss invitation again – but claimed it would respect BMC’s freedom to choose, as well as freedom of speech and dissent […]

Ealing council leader censured by Labour campaign body for by-election call

Ealing Council leader Julian Bell Ealing council leader Julian Bell has long faced unrest from many of his councillors, narrowly defeating a leadership challenge in May over his housing arrangements. Arrangements for the selection of council election candidates under Bell’s watch have also been heavily criticised by Labour’s LCF (Local Campaign Forum) – arrangements that […]

Landmark report: 95 serious ‘failures’ in MSM reporting of ‘Labour antisemitism’

A landmark new report by an academic from London’s Birkbeck University and the Media Reform Coalition has analysed mainstream media coverage of the Labour Party’s alleged issues around antisemitism. Its conclusions may shock even the most cynical observer of the behaviour of the ‘MSM’. The report, which takes a scholarly and carefully constrained approach that […]

#Lab18 lessons: reports of death of Corbyn project turned out to be ‘greatly exaggerated’

Author Mark Twain is said to have quipped that ‘reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated’. The same can certainly be said of the ‘Corbyn project’ over the last week or so. In the run-up to Labour’s annual conference, which ended today, some left-wing commentators were predicting the end of ‘the project’ – linking […]

Councillor: “Watson made my life a misery. What’s his problem with independent Labour women?”

Sandwell councillor Yvonne Davies and Tom Watson Labour deputy leader Tom Watson has rightly been pilloried this evening after a ludicrous interview in which he claimed that the party’s general secretary, Jennie Formby, had “staked her career on dealing with antisemitism” and, She has been in post for three or four months. If I come […]

TV-star-turned-candidate Nixon smeared by own party as US Dems copy anti-Corbyn playbook

Smeared and smeared alike: Nixon and Corbyn Picture the scene: a popular left-wing leadership candidate threatens the status quo of an Establishment, notionally-left political party, putting at risk the painstakingly-constructed business-as-usual cosiness that it clings to. In spite of huge threats from burgeoning right-wing extremism, the Establishment party turns on one of its own candidates, […]

Excl: Enfield North members to vote on no-confidence motion in Ryan this week

The start of Joan Ryan’s 2017 ‘disloyal’ election letter Labour MP and Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) chair Joan Ryan has been among the most vocal in accusing the Labour Party and its leader in relation to the ongoing attempts to paint the party as antisemitic. She recently made a series of lurid claims and […]

“Frankly fed up” – newly-elected, Jewish Wirral councillor responds to Field’s resignation smear

Newly-elected Labour councillor Jo Bird, left, with Labour MP Rebecca Long-Bailey Now-ex Labour MP Frank Field announced yesterday that he was resigning the Labour whip with the intention of remaining in Parliament as an independent MP. In spite of his recent claimed conversion to the sovereignty of constituents over party members – he is on […]

Field – CAMERON’s former workfare ‘czar’ – resigns Labour whip

Veteran Birkenhead MP Frank Field has resigned the Labour whip. No indication has been given that he intends to step down as an MP and trigger a by-election. Field has long been controversial and considered on the hard right of the party, causing outrage by agreeing to sit as Tory PM David Cameron’s ‘poverty czar’, a […]

Excl: penalty for malicious false accusations added to NEC agenda

The SKWAWKBOX has detailed a number of options available to Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee) to strengthen the party’s Code of Conduct when – as appears certain – the NEC votes to incorporate the remaining examples of possible antisemitic behaviour from the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) ‘working definition’ of antisemitism into the Code. Background The […]