Woodcock: constituency office abandoned, website suspended and more

John Woodcock Barrow and Furness’ former Labour MP John Woodcock appears to be finding life as an independent since his resignation over sexual harassment allegations a challenge. Woodcock’s constituency office in Barrow has shut down and a notice on an outside wall directs constituents to an office in Ulverston, a ten-mile drive away: The Ulverston […]

Austerity ‘over’ – but huge nos of low-income families are about to lose £200 a month

DWP Secretary Esther ‘McVile’ At the Tory conference this week, after lurching onto the stage to a tune the Tories had almost certainly used without permission, Theresa May promised an end to austerity – again. She promised the same last year, just after the general election. But this time she reallyreallyreally means it, allegedly. But […]

Exclusive: Unite has already endorsed first affirmative-ballot selection candidate

The dust has barely settled on the decision of Labour conference delegates to approve a new, easier process for Labour members to have a selection process and elect a new parliamentary candidate – and already one of Labour’s most staunchly pro-Corbyn unions has moved to help members make use of the new rules. The SKWAWKBOX […]

Ten successes already in the bag at #Lab18

For all the uproar around a couple of specific issues, Labour’s annual conference in Liverpool, which still has two days to run, has already seen a number of successes for member empowerment on a scale that members would hardly have dared dream about just two years ago. Sometimes we forget how far we’ve come. In […]

NEC chooses 10+(5 or 5) leader nomination criteria

Jeremy Corbyn congratuled by loser Owen Smith after the 2016 leadership contest Labour’s NEC has backed a change to the nomination threshold for future leadership contests. Future would-be candidates will need nominations by ten percent of MPs – MEPs will no longer be a factor post-Brexit. In addition, they will require support from either five percent […]

Now NEC’s circuits are unfrazzled this morning, selection situation looks better. Here’s how

In the tumult and exhaustion last night after a long day and a debate against a background of high member emotion, the picture painted by members of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) who spoke to the SKWAWKBOX last night was far from disastrous – but it was worse than the real outcome. Here’s the definitive […]

May lied about not receiving questions re AIQ and promised answer. Still none provided

  Theresa May’s discomfort at Brock’s question Last week, the SKWAWKBOX showed video of SNP MP Deirdre Brock challenging Theresa May during PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions) to provide an answer about a meeting she had with AggregatedIQ, one of the firms at the core of the referendum data scandal that has already brought down Cambridge […]

Video: May lies about AggregateIQ undeclared-meeting PMQ – and dodges it again

May’s discomfort at Deirdre Brock’s AIQ question Theresa May’s dire performance at this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) has drawn plenty of comment – if your best weapon is a smear by Chuka Umunna, it’s clear you’re in trouble. But one scene that hasn’t seen much attention is the question asked of May by SNP […]

Tory MEPs’ vote to DEFEND Hungary’s ‘sovereign’ right to be racist should worry us all

The European Parliament logo European Parliament members (MEPs) have voted in favour of a motion of censure against Hungary and its premier Viktor Orbán for the country’s behaviour toward asylum seekers and minority groups – including Jewish and Roma people. The motion passed by 448 votes to 197 with 48 abstentions. To be adopted, the […]

‘Deselection express’ – some genius had a little fun with Ryan and Shuker in Parliament…

A card and train toy left outside Joan Ryan’s office today. Joan Ryan and Gavin Shuker last week joined the lustreless – and recently rapidly-growing – list of  right-wing Labour MPs to suffer defeat in no-confidence motions tabled by their constituency parties (CLPs). Shuker has tried to shrug off the significance of the vote, but […]