Efforts to undermine #CammellLaird strikers pt 2: the petition

On Wednesday evening, the SKWAWKBOX published evidence of a coordinated campaign on social media to undermine the efforts and credibility of GMB and Unite members at the Cammell Laird shipyard on Merseyside as they take action to defend their jobs. The accounts involved are brand new and appear to have sprung up almost exclusively with […]

Coordinated efforts to undermine #CammellLaird strikers pt1: Twitter accounts spring up to troll

Union members at the Cammell Laird shipyard in Birkenhead are united in a rolling strike action to defend their jobs after the company announced plans to make around forty percent of the workforce redundant just after winning a huge £619 million contract. Unions say that the redundancies are part of a move by the shipyard […]

Landlady launches petition to stop banks discriminating against tenants on benefits

Landlady Helena McAleer has launched an important petition that every right-minded citizen of this country should support. Many readers will have heard of landlords rejecting benefit claimants – but few will have realised that behind that lies a policy of many banks to reject or terminate finance agreements with landlords who accept claimants as tenants. In the […]

Breaking: Met investigating CAA ‘death-threat’ petition under Malicious Comms Act

The SKWAWKBOX revealed yesterday that the Charity Commission is investigating the Campaign against Antisemitism (CAA) – an organisation that has been accused of being pro-Israel ‘shock troops’ ‘posing as a charity’ with regard to its petition against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. As well as being a likely breach of charities’ obligation to refrain from party-political […]

Charity Commission confirms investigating ‘concerns’ re CAA petition

The CAA (Campaign against Antisemitism) – an organisation that has been accused of being pro-Israeli “shock troops” “pos[ing] as a charity” and has been the subject of a petition seeking the revocation of its charitable status – has published a petition attempting to topple Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn or, failing that, to persuade Labour MPs […]

Labour members launch petition calling for action against ‘centrist’ sabotage

Last year, the SKWAWKBOX revealed a number of instances of right-wing Labour staffers undermining the party’s efforts and electoral prospects – and yesterday the Times published revelations that showed ‘Southside’ HQ staff faking social media campaigns to deceive the party’s leadership during last year’s general election campaign. Those suffering now under the Tories are suffering […]

Petition launched: Labour MPs to debate LFI censure after massacre apologism

Following widespread outrage about the Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) response to the massacre of almost sixty unarmed protesters and the wounding of thousands more, Labour members have launched a petition calling on the party’s MPs to debate censure of the group, which is not an official Labour Party affiliate: LFI’s initial response to the […]

Labour apologists for Gaza massacre in retreat after widespread revulsion

Labour figures who defended Israel’s actions appear to be in full retreat after widespread condemnation of their statements in response to the massacre of around sixty unarmed Palestinians during yesterday’s demonstrations and the serious wounding of as many as two thousand more. Labour Friends of Israel’s (LFI) statement read: LFI deleted that tweet – without […]

Investigator’s report: Pendle racist-joke Tory’s ‘meant to delete’ excuse not credible

Last week, the Tories reinstated councillor Rosemary Carroll, suspended after the SKWAWKBOX exclusively revealed she had shared a vile racist ‘joke’ on Facebook, in order to gain control of Pendle council and put a better gloss on its local election results. Ms Carroll was reinstated on the spot when the Tories realised that without her […]

McDonnell promotes petition to expel racist-joke Tory councillor

One of the major scandals of last week’s local elections was the decision by the Tories – scrabbling for anything to call ‘good’ news against a strong Labour performance – to reinstate a councillor suspended for sharing a vile racist ‘joke’, in order to gain control of Pendle council. A SKWAWKBOX exclusive led to Ms […]