Rewriting history: Sky News just ‘forgot’ the 2016 ‘coup’, claims NO leadership challenge

According to Sky News, this didn’t happen. Sky News just performed a remarkable piece of retroactive historical surgery in an article about Jeremy Corbyn’s supposed refusal – in reality, Labour rules do not give him the power – to ‘protect’ Labour MPs facing deselection by their local members. The article – which features, of course, […]

‘Deselection express’ – some genius had a little fun with Ryan and Shuker in Parliament…

A card and train toy left outside Joan Ryan’s office today. Joan Ryan and Gavin Shuker last week joined the lustreless – and recently rapidly-growing – list of  right-wing Labour MPs to suffer defeat in no-confidence motions tabled by their constituency parties (CLPs). Shuker has tried to shrug off the significance of the vote, but […]

IHRA-motion MP’s CLP votes overwhelmingly to support Labour code

Earlier this week, Louise Ellman was one of two Labour MPs expected to propose a motion at the weekly PLP (parliamentary Labour party) meeting. The motion was ultimately deferred until early September, but constitutes an attempt to manoeuvre Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee) into abandoning Labour’s Code of Conduct. That code endorses the IHRA’s (International […]

Ealing Labour 4 Corbyn’s open letter to Ealing and other MPs re Code of Conduct motion

On Monday, a group of Labour MPs will bring an ’emergency motion’ – almost identical to one they already debated at last week’s meeting of the ‘PLP’ (parliamentary Labour party) that mainstream media outlets are claiming might ‘force’ Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) to rescind the party’s excellent new Code of Conduct in favour of […]

Video: BBC DP’s biased notes for Labour democracy interview?

Left-wing commentator Ellie-Mae O’Hagan appeared on today’s edition of the BBC’s Daily Politics programme to discuss Labour’s possible new rules for the democratisation of the party. These have already been screamingly misrepresented by the Murdoch press and others as: The Times: Labour hard left ‘tightening its grip’ Ms O’Hagan was taken to task by a Labour […]

People’s Vote: a vehicle for raising Progress profiles?

The largely-Blairite Open Britain organisation, whose directors include Peter Mandelson and his godson –  was behind Saturday’s “People’s Vote” march last Saturday. It was marked by marchers – who marched alongside Tories and others who have done terrible damage to this country – criticising opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn rather than Theresa May and her government’s dire […]

Tory fudge and cowardice = no winnable Brexit amendment vote on Tuesday

The media has been busily talking up the ‘EEA amendment’ of Labour’s ‘backbench rebels’, building the idea that this was the only winnable amendment – and, of course, using this to imply that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s decision to abstain on the EEA bill was in some way to blame for whatever might happen when […]

Guest post pt 2: understanding Labour heartlands, winning back UKIP vote

In a follow-up to his first hard-hitting guest post, South Yorkshire teacher, Labour voter and trade union activist Andy Searson moves from analysis of the working-class Brexit vote and why New Labour lost the working class to what Labour as a radical movement needs to do to reconnect with those communities and win back votes […]

Excl: full interview with Lewisham East shortlist candidate Claudia Webbe

Claudia Webbe On Wednesday, the SKWAWKBOX published an exclusive interview with Sakina Sheikh, one of two main left candidates in the contest to replace Heidi Alexander as the candidate and then MP for Lewisham East. Today, Claudia Webbe spoke to this blog at length about her views, politics and motivations in standing for the candidacy. […]

Exclusive: full PLP briefing document on BoD/JLC meeting

A briefing document has gone out from the Labour leadership to all of the party’s MPs, outlining the discussion points, agreed actions and follow-ups of Jeremy Corbyn’s meeting with the Board of Deputies (BoD), Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) and Community Security Trust (CST). The SKWAWKBOX has obtained a copy of this briefing – and it […]