Video: Lammy makes Rudd’s position untenable – pointing out all she claims not to know

Labour back-bencher David Lammy has been widely praised for his part in Labour’s pressure on Theresa May’s ‘human shield‘ over the Windrush scandal, Home Secretary Amber Rudd – and this morning he may have driven a big nail into the coffin of her career. Just by pointing out, with calm gravitas, what she claims she […]

Video: Henry ‘eyeballs’ May: “Windrush racism like what frustrated Lawrence investigation”

Lenny Henry ‘eyeballs’ Theresa May Channel 4 News tonight covered the twenty-fifth anniversary memorial service for murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence, which was attended by an uncomfortable-looking Theresa May – who received an ‘eyeballing’ and a tough question from comedian Lenny Henry, who spoke at the event: Henry asked the audience which of them had four […]

WM Police remove anti-beggar posters after social media outcry

A week ago, social media activist @imajsaclaimant tweeted a snap of a poster appearing on buses around the West Midlands, encouraging people not to give to beggars: To date, the post has been retweeted over 4,200 times. The poster tells readers that giving to rough sleepers keeps them on the streets and encourages the homeless […]

Four curiosities in Yulia Skripal’s ‘official’ statement – and their significance

The statement released by the Metropolitan Police today on behalf of Yulia Skripal has been treated with extreme suspicion by social media users It contains a number of ‘curiosities’ that are fuelling public distrust among those who doubt its authenticity While not probative, these curiosities mean that Russian claims that Ms Skripal is under duress […]

Umunna’s enabling of May’s police-cuts denial harms our communities twice over

Labour MP Chuka Umunna – fleetingly considered a Labour contender for the party leadership in 2015 – has appalled many Labour members by accepting Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s invitation to join her ‘taskforce’ on violent crime. Comment: In doing so, he has acted as a classic ‘enabler’ to shore up Rudd’s lamentable denial that the […]

How many police have Tories cut in your area? Find out here

The last few days have seen the unseemly spectacle of Home Secretary Amber Rudd trying desperately to deny the obvious – that police cuts imposed by the Tories have played a role in the sharp rise in violent and serious crime. Ms Rudd has maintained her denial even though a leaked report by her own […]

Video: BBC admits Rudd ignoring police cuts, avoiding questions

If the BBC admits something negative about a Tory minister, it’s a signal event – and it seems that Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s attempt to claim that the rise in serious and violent crime has nothing to do with police cuts was a step to far for at least one BBC journalist – Danny Shaw. […]

Corbyn & Khan to tear into Tories’ policing and crime record

At the launch of Labour’s London local election campaign on Monday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will be joined by Labour’s London Mayor Sadiq Khan in branding the Conservative record on policing and crime as one of reckless failure. After the string of recent violent incidents in London, the Labour leader and London Mayor will pull […]

Video: Foreign Office caught doctoring Novichok statement transcript?

The Establishment has gone into overdrive over the last few days to cover for Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, since the emergence of video footage showing Johnson claiming the Porton Down chemical weapons facility had been ‘absolutely categorical’ in telling him ‘there is no doubt’ that the source of the Salisbury toxin was Russia – and […]

Now Foreign Office deletes tweet that #PortonDown confirmed Russian origin

As the SKWAWKBOX highlighted yesterday, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told a complete untruth to UK citizens – and was captured in a filmed interview – that he knew Russia was the source of the poison that affected the Skripals and a police officer in Salisbury because the scientists at Porton Down’s chemical weapons facility told […]