‘Nuclear’ email by Enfield dep council leader asks whole Labour group to support investigation

Deputy Enfield Council leader Daniel Anderson The drama in Enfield has moved from growth to explosion, with an email – described by local Labour figures as ‘nuclear’ – sent by the council’s deputy leader to all Labour councillors and obtained by the SKWAWKBOX. Outrage has grown among locals in and out of the party since […]

Today will expose those using Brexit merely as a political stick

  Who’s cynically using Brexit as a political baseball bat? Yesterday was a disastrous and humiliating day for Labour back-bench agitators and FBPE-hashtaggers, as the Tory ‘rebels’ on whom they publicly pinned their hopes accepted a transparently-false compromise from the government. Theresa May promised things she knows she can’t deliver – and the ‘rebels’ have […]

Staff told move or be sacked to make room for ‘irregularly’-elected Enfield leader’s political assistant

Over the last week, the SKWAWKBOX has reported on the outrage – across a broad spectrum of local Labour members and officials – at the serious flaws in the selection of council candidates for the recent Enfield local elections, which were revealed in an investigators’ report. That process was overseen – and by her own […]

Formby’s impressive new disciplinary process gives cause for confidence

Labour General Secretary Jennie Formby’s planned overhaul to the party’s disciplinary processes bodes well for all parts of the party – with the exception of the few members who behave in an antisemitic fashion. Formby’s plan is firmly based on the principles of the Chakrabarti report to ensure that justice is not only done, but […]

As we remember #Manchester victims, remember this. #security #cuts

As the nation remembers the victims of the Manchester bombing, with grief for those killed and admiration for those who have overcome terrible injuries, the Establishment is presenting that grief and inspiration without proper recognition of what went before. In the aftermath of the bombing a year ago, as the UK prepared for a general […]

Woodcock’s self-defence exposes the hypocrisy of the Labour right

‘Semi-detached’ Labour MP John Woodcock has been suspended pending the investigation of ‘sex-pest’ allegations against him. Mr Woodcock is entitled to the presumption of innocence – and has claimed as much in a statement about his suspension. But there’s the rub. Mr Woodcock’s allies in the Labour Party have maintained the kind of non-judgmental silence […]

Video: unbelievable – S*n political editor – “you can’t point to anything we’ve said untrue”

You seriously couldn’t make this up. In a BBC exchange with Faiza Shaheen, the director of the Class think-tank, the S*n’s political editor – with a straight face – claims that she couldn’t “point to a single thing we’ve ever said that was untrue”. Ms Shaheen’s face tells its own story:   In case Mr […]

Left-wing US Jews react to Corbyn’s Passover choice

As the SKWAWKBOX covered last night, the long weekend saw the unseemly spectacle of right-wing Jewish groups and non-Jews attacking a group of left-wing Jews who go by the name ‘Jewdas’, in order to criticise Jeremy Corbyn for celebrating the Passover Seder with them. Although Jewdas has previously been recognised as a genuine Jewish group […]

Times claims 19% Lab members recognise antisemitism. Their own numbers say 96%

On Friday, the Times’ Sam Coates put out a series of tweets about the supposed ‘Labour antisemitism problem’ – an angle the ‘MSM’ continues to push in spite of clear evidence to the contrary – to tout an article by Coates and Lucy Fisher claiming Corbyn is ‘failing to tackle antisemitism’. The clear evidence to […]