Breaking: Wirral W members accuse MP, council leader, others of ‘choreographed political attack’

The SKWAWKBOX has featured some of the strange events on Merseyside this week, as the properties of a councillor’s resignation letter – which accused local members of bullying and more – showed its ‘author’ was a senior council employee closely linked to the council leader. The letter was published just a day after a similar […]

Charity Commission confirms investigating ‘concerns’ re CAA petition

The CAA (Campaign against Antisemitism) – an organisation that has been accused of being pro-Israeli “shock troops” “pos[ing] as a charity” and has been the subject of a petition seeking the revocation of its charitable status – has published a petition attempting to topple Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn or, failing that, to persuade Labour MPs […]

Video: Umunna ‘flexible’ on Labour antisemitism – from ‘seen none’ to ‘beyond doubt’

Right-wing Labour MP Chuka Umunna was criticised earlier last week by Unite boss Len McCluskey, who attacked Umunna’s “paucity of evidence” for the “institutional antisemitism” Umunna had alleged in an article for the Independent. Umunna wrote: The Macpherson Report defined institutional racism as “the collective failure of an organisation to provide an appropriate and professional […]

2014 Palestinian embassy post confirms: Corbyn there to commemorate 1985 victims

Today, the Labour Party has lodged a formal complaint with IPSO, the body that passes for a regulator for the main press titles, about the ‘MSM’s misrepresentation of Jeremy Corbyn’s 2014 visit to the Hammam Chott Palestinian cemetery in Tunis. The media have wildly skewed the facts, claiming initially that Corbyn laid a wreath at […]

Exclusive: Williamson responds to JLM ‘whip’ letter

Labour MP Chris Williamson Labour MP Chris Williamson has spoken out about the letter from the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) demanding the withdrawal of the Labour whip from the Derby North MP, citing comments made by someone else at an event at which Williamson was speaking. Williamson interrupted a journey to Wakefield, where he will […]

Audio: Willsman recording and the mismatch between what was said and what’s claimed

Peter Willsman Below is a subtitled version of the audio file released this evening by the Jewish Chronicle in an article that quotes Labour MP Luciana Berger making outraged comments about veteran NEC (National Executive Committee) member’s illicitly-recorded remarks at a meeting of the NEC that took place earlier this month, before calling for his […]

‘Nuclear’ email by Enfield dep council leader asks whole Labour group to support investigation

Deputy Enfield Council leader Daniel Anderson The drama in Enfield has moved from growth to explosion, with an email – described by local Labour figures as ‘nuclear’ – sent by the council’s deputy leader to all Labour councillors and obtained by the SKWAWKBOX. Outrage has grown among locals in and out of the party since […]

Today will expose those using Brexit merely as a political stick

  Who’s cynically using Brexit as a political baseball bat? Yesterday was a disastrous and humiliating day for Labour back-bench agitators and FBPE-hashtaggers, as the Tory ‘rebels’ on whom they publicly pinned their hopes accepted a transparently-false compromise from the government. Theresa May promised things she knows she can’t deliver – and the ‘rebels’ have […]

Staff told move or be sacked to make room for ‘irregularly’-elected Enfield leader’s political assistant

Over the last week, the SKWAWKBOX has reported on the outrage – across a broad spectrum of local Labour members and officials – at the serious flaws in the selection of council candidates for the recent Enfield local elections, which were revealed in an investigators’ report. That process was overseen – and by her own […]

Formby’s impressive new disciplinary process gives cause for confidence

Labour General Secretary Jennie Formby’s planned overhaul to the party’s disciplinary processes bodes well for all parts of the party – with the exception of the few members who behave in an antisemitic fashion. Formby’s plan is firmly based on the principles of the Chakrabarti report to ensure that justice is not only done, but […]