Video: UN’s Alston – Tories breach basic human rights obligations, could fix overnight if wanted

Philip Alston interviewing people whose human rights he says the government has ‘inhumanly’ breached The preliminary findings presented today by UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights have had more coverage in the UK’s mainstream media than many expected. More, but still limited – and what is below has had scant mention. Responding […]

Video – forces veteran to Corbyn: “You’re a star, I love you”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn meets a forces veteran The predictable attacks on Jeremy Corbyn after any Armistice Day service have been rehashed – a literal rehash of an old ‘MSM’ smear against Michael Foot about his attire during the remembrance service, as well as a risible criticism of the size of his poppy – which […]

Reckless MPs contribute to Bastani outrage that puts activist and innocents at risk

Comment Labour activist and journalist Aaron Bastani has been the subject of widespread attacks by politicians and the media because of comments he made last week about the poppy appeal and the scandal of 13,000 homeless ex-services personnel. The issue even featured on Sky News this morning: Predictably, Tory MPs were quick to jump into […]

Guardian blethers about Brexit during centenary two-minute silence

The crassness of the FBPE-obsessives who tweet ‘what about’ in response to even the most tragic of events is a well-known phenomenon. But today the Guardian ‘forgot’ to observe the two-minute silence to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War in order to blether about the Brexit: In many ways this […]

Survation’s huge poll puts Corbyn in reach of Downing Street

Polling company Survation has a reputation for accuracy after it was the only polling company – mocked for it at the time – to correctly predict the outcome of last year’s general election. The company has now conducted a huge poll of Westminster voting intention among UK voters – with a sample size (number of […]

Academic’s open letter exposes Guardian failure to answer questions about anti-Labour bias

Last month, the SKWAWKBOX published the findings of a landmark academic study that exposed entrenched bias across mainstream media outlets in their handling of the ‘Labour antisemitism’ issue. The study was, of course, immediately attacked and ridiculed – but it was subsequently praised by nineteen leading academics in their field for its rigour, caution and […]

Guardian deletes fake news re Momentum poll. Reality is very different

On Tuesday, Momentum published the results of a poll of its members’ opinions on Brexit and Labour’s priorities. That evening, the Guardian published a headline about those results that was entirely false: The paper later withdrew the false headline and amended the article to one more accurate – without noting the change – but the […]

John McDonnell and THAT tax comment – the real story

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell The mainstream media – abetted as usual by a selection of the ‘usual suspects’ among right-wing Labour MPs – have attempted to make mischief and distract from the flop of Philip Hammond’s budget by highlighting and attacking Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s comment that Labour would support Hammond’s planned increase to the […]

KKK protest outside Northern Ireland Islamic centre

Men dressed in KKK outfits, including hoods and crosses, have gathered outside an Islamic centre in the Newtownards area of Northern Ireland. A local woman, who took pictures of the men, told BBC Northern Ireland: SKWAWKBOX comment: As many have observed since the election of a right-wing extremist in Brazil last night, the far right […]

MSM journalists’ shame – exploit Pittsburgh synagogue murders to attack Corbyn

Opinion A fitting tribute to the Pittsburgh victims – unlike the reaction of some ‘MSM’ journalists Yesterday the Labour MP Chris Williamson briefly trended on Twitter when he was attacked for retweeting an article that this blog had published hours before the horrific mass murder of Jewish worshippers in a Pittsburgh synagogue. The article had […]