NHS body parts scandal: criminal investigation launched

Image credit: BBC The ‘NHS body parts scandal’, in which hundreds of tonnes of medical waste including human body parts have been left to pile up by a firm unable to properly fulfil a contract to incinerate them, is a grim example of the dangers of the government’s headlong rush to farm out NHS services […]

Govt was warned body-parts firm’s bid was unrealistically low

A huge scandal has broken today with the revelation by the Health Service Journal that a private firm with a public contract for disposing of clinical waste has been unable to execute its contract in a ‘timely’ fashion, leading to a ‘pile up‘ of hundreds of tonnes of human body parts and other waste. This is […]

‘Alternative-universe Newsnight’ video tells the reform our NHS really needs

Last week the BBC’s Newsnight programme broadcast an unchallenged opinion piece by opaquely-funded think-tank the IEA, which routinely promotes ‘reform’ of the NHS that appears to be all about privatisation and ‘americanisation’ of the NHS. NHS campaigners were not given any right of reply, let alone an uncontested slot of several minutes. The video below, […]

Staff win battle to stay in NHS: shock cancellation of Trust’s transfer plan

At the beginning of this week, Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust (WWL) issued a notification to staff who had been on a series of strikes to try to prevent their forcible transfer out of the NHS to a private company employer. The Trust CEO’s email – a body-blow to deeply-committed cleaners, porters, domestic and […]

WWL NHS Trust trolls workers striking to stay in the NHS

NHS staff in the north-west are striking against a decision by Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust to transfer their employment out of the NHS to a new limited company set up by the trust to exploit tax rules. Estates and facilities, porters, domestic and catering staff – among the lowest-paid in the NHS – […]

Breaking: Govia Thameslink boss quits – day before parliamentary enquiry into Thameslink fiasco

A GTR group train Charles Horton, CEO of the Govia Thameslink rail company, has announced his resignation moments ago, citing ‘hugely frustrating’ rail delays. The operator’s services have been in chaos after recent timetable changes. The news comes one working day before a parliamentary enquiry scheduled for Monday: The disaster of rail privatisation continues to […]

Guest post pt 2: understanding Labour heartlands, winning back UKIP vote

In a follow-up to his first hard-hitting guest post, South Yorkshire teacher, Labour voter and trade union activist Andy Searson moves from analysis of the working-class Brexit vote and why New Labour lost the working class to what Labour as a radical movement needs to do to reconnect with those communities and win back votes […]

Poundland owns Thameslink on Twitter spectacularly – as McDonald owns Grayling

An attempt by rail company Thameslink to defuse the anger of its passengers over poor service has backfired spectacularly and its shorthand earned it a free ‘pounding’ on social media from retail company Poundland. Thameslink’s Twitter team had put out a tweet comparing its own poor service to a Poundland product – and the retailer’s […]

Excl: full interview with Lewisham East shortlist candidate Claudia Webbe

Claudia Webbe On Wednesday, the SKWAWKBOX published an exclusive interview with Sakina Sheikh, one of two main left candidates in the contest to replace Heidi Alexander as the candidate and then MP for Lewisham East. Today, Claudia Webbe spoke to this blog at length about her views, politics and motivations in standing for the candidacy. […]

“It’s a whirlwind” – exclusive interview with Lewisham East shortlist candidate Sakina Sheikh

Sakina Sheikh is one of four candidates shortlisted by Labour’s National Executive Committee for the Lewisham East by-election triggered by Heidi Alexander’s departure to the London mayor’s office. She is a newly-elected Lewisham councillor and is backed by Momentum. SKWAWKBOX: Thanks for making time to chat, you must be having a bit of a whirlwind […]