Video: outraged McDonnell’s blistering take-down of Umunna over ‘dogs’ snidery

John McDonnell’s anger and disgust were unmistakable Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell is usually a model of restraint during TV interviews, even when asked about the nonsense frequently perpetrated by the Labour right toward party leader Jeremy Corbyn or his supporters. But arch-‘centrist’ Chuka Umunna’s attack on members, during which he called on Corbyn to ‘call […]

Yesterday’s total votes per slate and independents tell a story

The Labour left is still celebrating – and Labour right still recriminating – over the clean sweep yesterday for the grassroots-left slate of nine candidates for Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) – and the SKWAWKBOX has covered the ramifications and lessons of the results. But the total votes per slate – and for independents as a […]

New WM Labour regional director appointed. Right wing panicking

According to Labour sources, the new West Midlands regional director has now been appointed – the SKWAWKBOX can reveal that left-wing members will be very happy that change is coming. Right-wingers – of which there are many in the West Midlands – are apparently like a disturbed termites’ nest, with fraught phone-calls aplenty and attempts […]

Labour First-backed NEC candidate Wimbury name-dropping Corbyn in campaign

Ballots in the crucial election of nine members of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) have started to go out today –  and Labour members who support Jeremy Corbyn need to vote for all nine candidates on the left ‘slate‘, as any deviation risks opening a door to the right-wingers who want to block Labour’s impetus as […]

Voting now open in vital NEC elections. Make sure to vote for the #JC9 – here’s why

Voting has opened today for the nine vital places on Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee) representing party members. The left has put together a slate to fill all nine places – voting for all nine of these candidates is the only way to ensure that the party continues unchecked in its drive to become a movement […]

Leaked Brighton email exposes shameless right-wing hypocrisy and questionable resource use

Over the last few days, Labour’s hard right in Brighton has mounted an attack campaign on social media against prospective left candidates in the selections for the next set of local elections – apparently fearing a ‘Momentum clean sweep’. A toxic fringe publication published a tweet mocking Momentum’s candidate preparation process for its ‘form-filling’: This […]

More leaked Enfield LCF ‘tapes’ show interviewer recommendations CHANGED to approve ‘coup’ candidates

The SKWAWKBOX has covered at length the battle in the London borough of Enfield between a broad coalition of Labour members and officials from all wings of the party and a group they allege has taken over the council by anti-democratic means. Those means included huge – and at least partially admitted – departures from […]

Told you so: Labour right tried to sabotage GE2017 – it’s their fault we’re suffering Tory govt

In the wake of Labour’s not-really-a-shock surge in last year’s 2017 general election, the SKWAWKBOX revealed that staff at Labour’s ‘Southside’ HQ were so confident in their predictions of electoral disaster that they had deactivated the entry passes of Corbyn’s team – who, on arriving at the building as the Tories reeled at the emerging […]

Exclusive, huge: NEC confirms investigation into Enfield selections and leader

The SKWAWKBOX has covered at length the huge controversy in the London Borough of Enfield, where the then-Secretary of Labour’s LCF (local campaign forum) oversaw a deeply-defective selection process in which numerous applicants were rubber-stamped to stand as candidate in spite of not being asked mandatory interview questions and in some cases being rejected by […]

Enfield Southgate CLP overwhelmingly passes damning motion against council leader Caliskan

Nesil Caliskan Enfield Southgate CLP (constituency Labour party) has been at the heart of a series of recent explosive developments in the north London borough of Enfield, where the local campaign forum (LCF) secretary oversaw a highly ‘irregular’ process for selecting council candidates – who promptly elected her as the new council leader. The now-leader, […]