McDonnell rallies Labour supporters to oppose Robinson march

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has called on “all Labour members and anyone who cares about the future of our country” to join a Momentum demonstration to oppose far-right activist Tommy Robinson, who intends to lead a march in London on Sunday 9 December. it doesn’t matter whether you voted leave or remain, Tommy Robinson doesn’t […]

Labour by-election vote falls badly under right-wing Enfield council leader

As Enfield Southgate CLP (constituency Labour party) circulated a motion of no confidence in Enfield’s ‘centrist’ council leader Nesil Caliskan last night, a by-election was taking place in the local ward of Bush Hill Park – a Tory-held marginal. In May, the Conservative candidate held onto the seat by just sixty-four votes. Last night’s by-election […]

Excl video: “They squirmed back into the station” – Liverpool sees off fascist march – again

On Saturday, a coalition of the left once again joined forces in Liverpool to see off a planned march by neofascists. The city has a proud record of thwarting the attempts of the hard right to march and posture through the streets on multiple occasions – one famously resulted in a so-called ‘white man march’ […]

Tory chair Lewis gets owned by locals for SureStart jibe – it’s both hilarious and tragic

Tory chair and Great Yarmouth MP Brandon Lewis showed typical Tory arrogance yesterday with a dismissive comment about a large attendance of local people to protest against Tory-controlled Norfolk County Council’s plan to ‘transform’ children’s services in the area – by closing six of the town’s SureStart centres as part of a plan to shut down forty-six […]

Video: reaction of MPs to WASPI women protest shows why Establishment is afraid

1950s-born women have suffered insult on top of injury in the course of their WASPI (Women Against State Pensions Age Increase) campaign to restore pensions stolen from them by Tory government changes to retirement laws – ministers have treated them with contempt, even suggesting that women in their sixties should take up apprenticeships to get […]

Major counter-demo against fascist march in Liverpool next weekend

Merseyside Together Against Racism and Fascism is calling on all opponents of the far right to gather for a counter-demonstration against neonazis planning to march in Liverpool. The demonstration, coordinated by Labour left and antifascist stalwart Alan Gibbons, who spoke on the subject at a The World Transformed event alongside Labour’s conference in Liverpool last month, […]

‘Anti-BoD’ flyers posted in Stamford Hill synagogues

Recent months have raised awareness of unhappiness among Charedi Orthodox Jews about the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BoD), an organisation that has been presented as representative of the UK’s Jewish community. That claim has been publicly challenged by Charedim in London, in particular by a letter published by 34 leading rabbis of the Union […]

Orthodox union u-turns to support maligned activist

Shraga Stern, whose highlighting of Charedi Jews’ views led to smears against him In a striking u-turn, an Orthodox Jewish umbrella body representing Charedi Orthodox Jewish communities in the UK has announced its support for Charedi activist Shraga Stern. Mr Stern had come under attack after helping to organise a letter signed by thirty-four UOHC […]

Video: Failing Grayling gets a ‘warm’ Scouse welcome in Liverpool

Grayling squirming his way through Liverpool Lime Street station Useless Transport Secretary Chris Grayling – who has presided over scandals, squirmed over Russian donations to his party and is very familiar with what it’s like to be ‘owned‘ by his opposite number Andy McDonald – must have had a similar sinking feeling when he arrived […]

Left mobilising against far-right DFLA in London today

Left-wing organisations are mobilising their members to march against the far-right group ‘Democratic Football Lads Alliance’ (DFLA) in London today in a demonstration of what the left can achieve in unity. Following John McDonnell’s call for a new anti-nazi league, trade unions, Momentum, community leaders and other progressive organisations at the counter-demonstration in Westminster. Momentum […]