Video: mass brawls at races in successive weekends. No media talk of ‘rich white person problem’

A mass brawl broke out at a horse-racing meeting on Saturday for the second weekend in succession, with fighting at Ascot, one of the most exclusive racing venues, a week after a battle at Goodwood involving fifty people. The footage makes shocking viewing: The media has covered the fighting. But it’s interesting to note the entirely […]

Investigator’s report: Pendle racist-joke Tory’s ‘meant to delete’ excuse not credible

Last week, the Tories reinstated councillor Rosemary Carroll, suspended after the SKWAWKBOX exclusively revealed she had shared a vile racist ‘joke’ on Facebook, in order to gain control of Pendle council and put a better gloss on its local election results. Ms Carroll was reinstated on the spot when the Tories realised that without her […]

McDonnell promotes petition to expel racist-joke Tory councillor

One of the major scandals of last week’s local elections was the decision by the Tories – scrabbling for anything to call ‘good’ news against a strong Labour performance – to reinstate a councillor suspended for sharing a vile racist ‘joke’, in order to gain control of Pendle council. A SKWAWKBOX exclusive led to Ms […]

Video: senior Tory says they listen to Muslim Council. So when is islamophobia inquiry?

Paul Scully makes a promise to the MCB Last week’s local election results saw Labour make significant net gains against the Tories – and an unseemly scramble by the Tory party to scrape any piece of ‘good’ news it could, including the reinstatement of two people suspended for blatant racist comments – one for a vile […]

Tory local election losses almost 3x BBC’s published number – and why

The BBC has used a graphic showing the results from last week’s local elections that depicts a Conservative party net loss of thirty-three councillors: However, other news sources quote a much higher figure, such as the Guardian and Press Association: The SKWAWKBOX contacted the BBC to ask for an explanation of the discrepancy. The BBC pointed […]

Tories reinstate racist-comment councillor to claim council win. BBC: ‘meh’

The mainstream media (MSM), Tories and Labour right have been in unison today to portray Labour’s second-best ever local election performance – and the best in almost fifty years – as a catastrophe in order to question (surprise!) Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the party. But in reality the Tories had a bad night while Labour […]

Exclusive: MP Spellar facing racism allegations

Warley MP John Spellar Last week, the SKWAWKBOX revealed that a senior Black Country Labour MP was facing  allegations of racist behaviour toward a young constituent from a minority ethnic background. Tonight, the SKWAWKBOX can exclusively reveal that the MP in question is John Spellar, a key figure in the Labour right nationally as well […]

May broke ancient protocols to defeat Windrush transparency. What was she so desperate to hide?

The Tories have already created outrage and a great deal of suspicion by their decision to ‘whip’ Wednesday’s vote against Labour’s call for documents and communications about May’s racist ‘hostile environment’ policies that have inflicted so much damage and distress – including deportation, homelessness, denial of medical treatment – on our ‘Windrush generation’ citizens. Since […]

Tories win vote on document release as the right betrays the Windrush generation

The Windrush arriving in 1948 The Tories have defeated a Labour motion for the release of all documents and communications concerning policies and actions affecting the UK’s Windrush citizens, by 316 votes to 221. Theresa May whipped her party to participate in a vote on a Labour motion – revealing how much she has to hide […]

Tories so scared to reveal documents, they bring 3-line whip to maintain #WindrushCoverup

So far, since the General Election, the government has been so scared of losing a Labour-sponsored vote in Parliament that they have ‘whipped‘ MPs not to vote on ‘Opposition Day’ motions – gifting Labour the win so that they can claim they were not defeated, but simply abstained. In short, they have preferred to run away. […]