Four Labour MPs who didn’t support Labour’s tax rise for the richest 5% last week

Four Labour MPs who ignored the whip and abstained In the votes on Philip Hammond’s budget last week, the Establishment media chose to focus on twenty ‘moderate’ MPs whose decision to vote against a planned rise in tax thresholds was a slap in the face for some of the UK’s lowest earners – but was […]

Breaking: 20 Labour MPs set to ignore Labour voters and rebel on tax threshold

Twenty or so Labour MPs look set to break the party whip by voting against the increases to tax thresholds contained in Philip Hammond’s budget. Labour plans to abstain on the vote in order not to prevent those on low incomes receiving a much-needed, if inadequate, boost. As the SKWAWKBOX showed yesterday, Shadow Chancellor John […]

How May survived 1922 committee meeting – and what may follow

Theresa May Theresa May faced a meeting with the Tories’ ‘1922 committee’ this evening – the body that by tradition makes and discards Tory leaders. Even though some political commentators had touted the meeting as the likely end of her tenure, she came through it intact – even easily. But her real ordeal may still […]

Hoey’s CLP unanimously passes no-confidence motion

Kate Hoey Kate Hoey was one of four right-wing Labour MPs last week whose decision to vote with the government on a key EU trade bill almost certainly saved Theresa May and propped up a Tory government that is inflicting misery on millions. The move outraged Labour members and supporters who know the UK’s most […]

Cowardly May daren’t even follow through on attempt to flee Parliament early

After her humiliating surrender to her extremist Brexiteers yesterday, in which she whipped her MPs to defeat her own proposals, Theresa May tried to pull a dodge to allow her to flee Parliament early, before her own remainers could bring her down. May tabled a motion to break for Parliament’s summer recess on Thursday – five […]

The 4 Labour MPs who ‘just saved Theresa May’

Theresa May survived a serious threat this evening when an amendment to the government’s trade bill was defeated by 307 votes to 301. The amendment, tabled by Tory remainers livid at May’s humiliating capitulation yesterday to her ‘Brextremist’ back-benchers, would have forced the government to default to membership of the EU’s customs union if it […]

Video: Bercow exposes May’s double cowardice in response to point of order

The SKWAWKBOX last night covered Theresa May’s extraordinary, even unprecedented, weakness and cowardice when she not only whipped Tory MPs to defeat her own Brexit proposals to placate ‘extreme-Brexit Ultras’ on her own back benches, but also then tabled a motion to close Parliament five days early in order to avoid the coup she must […]

Labour’s statement on May’s chicken-run attempt to shut down Parliament to save her job

Incompetent PM Theresa May went to extraordinary lengths yesterday to placate her party’s extreme-Brexit ultras – whipping her MPs to defeat her own proposals. She then promptly tabled a motion to send MPs home for summer five days early in an attempt to save her skin and hinder the inevitable plots against her. The motion will go […]

Audio: BBC plumbs new depths of govt apologism with report on early Parliament break

Yesterday was an unprecedented day in Parliament – one that stunned seasoned observers – as Theresa May whipped the Tory party to defeat her own EU proposals rather than face a rebellion by her party’s ‘Brexit Ultras’. May followed up her self-defeat by immediately tabling a motion to send MPs home for the summer five days early, […]

Video: cowardice and chaos so huge May whipped vote against OWN proposal to placate Brexit ultras

Theresa May scraped through yet another day of abject Brexit and general chaos on Monday – but in doing so demonstrated a level of cowardice that reached such unprecedented levels that observers were left wondering if they’d really seen what they saw. May’s much-discussed and denigrated ‘Chequers’ proposals on a ‘common rulebook’ with the EU […]