Efforts to undermine #CammellLaird strikers pt 2: the petition

On Wednesday evening, the SKWAWKBOX published evidence of a coordinated campaign on social media to undermine the efforts and credibility of GMB and Unite members at the Cammell Laird shipyard on Merseyside as they take action to defend their jobs. The accounts involved are brand new and appear to have sprung up almost exclusively with […]

Coordinated efforts to undermine #CammellLaird strikers pt1: Twitter accounts spring up to troll

Union members at the Cammell Laird shipyard in Birkenhead are united in a rolling strike action to defend their jobs after the company announced plans to make around forty percent of the workforce redundant just after winning a huge £619 million contract. Unions say that the redundancies are part of a move by the shipyard […]

Impact: unions say Cammell ran short of gas even on day 1 of strike as lorries turned back

A Unite picketer and a lorry attempting to enter Unite and GMB members have been picketing the Cammell Laird shipyard in Birkenhead since Monday as part of rolling strike action in response to the company’s plan to impose almost three hundred redundancies not long after winning a new £619 million project. That action appears to […]

Laird threatening staff with dismissal for talking to press about redundancies

Unite and GMB workers are staging a rolling strike and picket outside the Cammell Laird shipyard in Birkenhead after the company announced plans to make almost three hundred staff redundant shortly after winning a new £619 million project. Union members voted overwhelmingly for industrial action. A document has emerged showing that the company has threatened […]

‘Nuclear’ email by Enfield dep council leader asks whole Labour group to support investigation

Deputy Enfield Council leader Daniel Anderson The drama in Enfield has moved from growth to explosion, with an email – described by local Labour figures as ‘nuclear’ – sent by the council’s deputy leader to all Labour councillors and obtained by the SKWAWKBOX. Outrage has grown among locals in and out of the party since […]

Outrage as Enfield council leader kills motion to protect threatened staff

The SKWAWKBOX has revealed numerous scandals in the conduct of Labour selection processes – and the subsequent election has council leader of Nesil Caliskan – who oversaw the ‘irregular’ selection of candidates, by the candidates who benefited from that process – ousting popular incumbent Doug Taylor. The SKWAWKBOX also covered the decision to threaten the […]

Staff told move or be sacked to make room for ‘irregularly’-elected Enfield leader’s political assistant

Over the last week, the SKWAWKBOX has reported on the outrage – across a broad spectrum of local Labour members and officials – at the serious flaws in the selection of council candidates for the recent Enfield local elections, which were revealed in an investigators’ report. That process was overseen – and by her own […]

Here’s what Skwawkbox has been doing. Please support us if you can

The Skwawkbox continues to unsettle and expose the Establishment and affect the UK’s political narrative. Here are a few examples of the information we’ve either brought our readers exclusively or else raised focus and attention on, since our last update a few weeks ago: Boris Johnson’s lie about Porton Down’s findings on the source of […]