More Enfield councillors join calls for full NEC investigation into alleged rigging

The SKWAWKBOX has covered at length the battle in the London borough of Enfield between a broad coalition of Labour members and officials from all wings of the party and a group they claim has taken over the council by anti-democratic means. Those means included huge departures from proper procedure in the selection of council […]

BBC continues to mislead on OPCW’s Douma ‘chlorine gas’ report

Chlorine gas – heavier than air and extremely reactive On Friday, the BBC – on its website and in its broadcast coverage – published blatantly fake news when it claimed that ‘chemical weapons watchdog’ the OPCW had confirmed that a chlorine gas attack took place in the Syrian town of Douma. The BBC was forced […]

Video: BBC News joins fake news scandal over OPCW’s Douma chlorine report

As the SKWAWKBOX reported not long ago, the BBC News website published outright fake news on Friday evening when it reported that the OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) ‘fact-finding mission’ to the Syrian town of Douma had concluded that a chlorine gas attack had been perpetrated on civilians in the city. The […]

Video: McVey just lied in the debate about the lies in her apology for lying

McVey’s ‘hat-trick’ DWP Secretary Esther McVey misled Parliament twice on Monday, insisting when challenged that a report by the National Audit Office (NAO) stated that the roll-out of Universal Credit (UC) must be ‘speeded up’. It actually said that the roll-out must stop until the DWP can cope with the number of applicants. Ms McVey appeared [video] […]

Video: McVey ‘misleads’ Parliament – during her ‘apology’ for misleading it

Esther McVey – not looking as sheepish as she should.. DWP Secretary Esther McVey is infamous for her extraordinary arrogance and insensitivity – for example, outraging Scottish MSPs by brushing off a benefit sanction applied to a claimant who missed an apppointment because of a heart attack and telling MPs that forcing rape victims to fill […]

Exclusive, huge: NEC confirms investigation into Enfield selections and leader

The SKWAWKBOX has covered at length the huge controversy in the London Borough of Enfield, where the then-Secretary of Labour’s LCF (local campaign forum) oversaw a deeply-defective selection process in which numerous applicants were rubber-stamped to stand as candidate in spite of not being asked mandatory interview questions and in some cases being rejected by […]

Huge double scandal as May’s personal rendition cover-up ignored by BBC TV news and most MSM

Theresa May personally blocked committee’s access to witnesses In what should be one of the biggest political scandals of the decade, the UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May personally blocked a powerful parliamentary committee’s access to witnesses and evidence about the UK’s involvement in ‘extraordinary rendition’ and the use of torture to obtain intelligence – so fatally […]

The serious problems with MSM/FBPE claims about ‘Unite’ 2nd-ref poll

At the weekend, the Guardian published an article with a misleading headline about a poll supposedly showing that a majority of members of the Unite union back a second referendum or “people’s vote” before the UK leaves the European union. Other mainstream media followed similar lines. The paper was quickly pulled up on it by […]

Video: Blair, Brown – and Tory – govts ‘appalling’, ‘inexcusable’ on ‘horrific’ torture

An image of a rendered prisoner by artist Banksy (image: Eadmundo, Wikimedia Commons) A damning report issued by the House of Commons’ Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) finds the UK government and intelligence services guilty of knowing collusion in the rendition and torture of prisoners by the US. The ISC reports: 198 cases of UK intelligence […]

The questions about bypassed housing process that Sandwell’s legal team isn’t answering

Last week, the SKWAWKBOX covered the note from the housing system of Sandwell Borough Council (SBC) in the West Midlands that claimed councillor and close Tom Watson ally Simon Hackett had been ‘involved’ in a decision to award a council house to . a particular tenant without the usual ‘bidding’ process. The house is in […]