Woodcock: constituency office abandoned, website suspended and more

John Woodcock Barrow and Furness’ former Labour MP John Woodcock appears to be finding life as an independent since his resignation over sexual harassment allegations a challenge. Woodcock’s constituency office in Barrow has shut down and a notice on an outside wall directs constituents to an office in Ulverston, a ten-mile drive away: The Ulverston […]

Left takes clean sweep in Pidcock’s CLP – as Blairites skip AGM… to listen to Blair

Last May, the right-wing site known colloquially as the blue squeak published a typically snide and inaccurate article about the election of a right-wing chair in North-West Durham (NWD) CLP (constituency Labour party), the seat represented in Parliament by the excellent Laura Pidcock. The article, no doubt leaked by one of the CLP’s right-wingers, claimed […]

CLPD statement on northern candidate stepping down indicates new pick likely

On Friday Kaneez Akhtar, one of the six candidates on CLPD’s slate for the National Constitutional Committee elections announced that she was stepping down, adding: I believe all Labour Party national committees should reflect its membership and its representatives should come from various geographical areas. I fully support the IHRA definition of antisemitism and was […]

Breaking: Williamson calls on members to save League against Cruel Sports

Labour MP and former League against Cruel Sports committee member Chris Williamson has responded to hacking allegations against the organisation in the Times by describing the position of its CEO and current committee as ‘untenable’ and calling on supporters to save it. Former ‘League’ committee member Chris Williamson MP Labour MP Chris Williamson has responded to […]

RCN no-confidence victory is inspiration to left members of right-leaning unions

Nursing activists have achieved an outstanding result in a crucial vote in the Royal College of Nurses (RCN), with 78% of those who voted expressing no confidence in the leadership of their union, which has had a long reputation for being right-leaning and Establishment-friendly: The result was announced on Facebook by a well-known nursing campaigner in […]

New twist in Wirral smear saga as councillor resigns facing bullying allegations

The national media has been helping to propagate a series of attacks on the Labour left in the Merseyside borough of Wirral, just across the river from the site of Labour’s annual conference that begins this weekend. The saga began with accusations by former regional director Sheila Murphy and encompassed Birkenhead MP Frank Field’s ‘jumped before pushed’ […]

Centrist ex-MP Reed linking to slimming pills site

Former Copeland MP Jamie Reed Former Copeland MP Jamie Reed can safely be considered an entrenched opponent of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. He accused Corbyn of “injecting poison into the party” after the EU referendum, resigned his seat to trigger a by-election in spring last year at a time it seemed likely to do the maximum […]

Councillor: “Watson made my life a misery. What’s his problem with independent Labour women?”

Sandwell councillor Yvonne Davies and Tom Watson Labour deputy leader Tom Watson has rightly been pilloried this evening after a ludicrous interview in which he claimed that the party’s general secretary, Jennie Formby, had “staked her career on dealing with antisemitism” and, She has been in post for three or four months. If I come […]

Luton Momentum calls on Shuker to resign after CLP no-confidence vote

Gavin Shuker Last week, on the same night that Enfield North MP Joan Ryan lost a vote of no confidence by local members, the CLP (constituency Labour party) of Luton South’s Gavin Shuker passed a no-confidence vote in him by a ratio of almost seven to one. Shuker attempted to dismiss the importance of the […]

Excl: Times’ star witness for Wirral ‘Militant’ bullying story – wasn’t present

Last weekend, the Sunday Times ran a major article amplifying the smear campaign against Labour members in the Merseyside borough of Wirral, claiming that the ‘ghost of Militant’ was being seen again in alleged bullying and abuse of poor ‘centrists’ by left-wing Labour members. At the heart of its story was Rock Ferry councillor Moira […]