Video: the absolute state of May’s attempt not to admit EU CAN keep UK in ‘backstop’

Theresa May on Ridge this morning, trying not to answer the question After Jeremy Corbyn’s assured and authentic performance on Sky News’ Ridge this morning, Sophie Ridge interviewed Theresa May – and the result was the fidgety, shifty avoidance and dense nonsense you’d expect. Especially when it came to the contentious ‘backstop‘ in May’s dismal excuse […]

Mail’s latest smear: “Corbyn at wedding of man who did something 4 YEARS later”

The Mail has lurched straight from regurgitating year-old fake news as a ‘scoop’ to its most desperately bankrupt smear yet. The smear in the rag’s Sunday edition is an accusation that Corbyn associated with someone four years before they allegedly did something that they denied doing anyway. Author Alex Nunns summed up the nonsense of it […]

Times’ new Corbyn-smear low exposes Establishment bankruptcy

The Times recently provided an object lesson in the depths of Establishment fear and desperation to smear Jeremy Corbyn with its attempt to paint the Labour leader as antisemitic for appearing alongside a respected Jewish Holocaust survivor – eight years ago. Corbyn, at that time, was standing squarely in support of Jewish people, as his […]