IHRA-motion MP’s CLP votes overwhelmingly to support Labour code

Earlier this week, Louise Ellman was one of two Labour MPs expected to propose a motion at the weekly PLP (parliamentary Labour party) meeting. The motion was ultimately deferred until early September, but constitutes an attempt to manoeuvre Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee) into abandoning Labour’s Code of Conduct. That code endorses the IHRA’s (International […]

Video: a tale of two Toms – Watson’s five-day about-face on May’s Brexit deal

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson They say a week is a long time in politics. It seems five days is a very long time in the life of politician Tom Watson. Just last Tuesday, Watson – along with a number of other Labour ‘moderates’ – enraged many Labour supporters by telling the BBC that he […]

The troubling history of man behind #LabourLive protest group

The SKWAWKBOX has covered at some length the televised claims of a small group of protesters to have been ‘ejected’ from Saturday’s successful LabourLive event in London – and the video evidence and eyewitness testimony that challenges it. The protest was organised by two anti-Brexit organisations – in fact, limited companies – one of which was Our […]

Video: ‘ejected just after we chanted’ – so who’s this giving an interview at #LabourLive?

As the SKWAWKBOX covered on Monday, a small group of ‘centrists’ tried to disrupt Jeremy Corbyn’s speech during Saturday’s ‘LabourLive’ event in London – and two of them, including a right-wing candidate in this summer’s NEC elections, told Sky News on Saturday that they were immediately ‘ejected’ from the venue. The NEC candidate, Jasmin Beckett, […]

Video and eyewitnesses challenge Beckett’s Sky claim ‘ejected’ from #LabourLive

Former NEC member and current NEC candidate on the right-wing Labour First/Progress slate Jasmin Beckett appeared on Sky News on Sunday morning with a colleague and claimed they had been ‘turfed out’ of Saturday’s Labour Live. There appear to be serious question marks over this claim. A barrister who witnessed them leaving refuted the allegation […]

Video: Streeting bleating again re Brexit. Bad news, Wes – Mandelson blames Blair..

The lamentable Wes Streeting appeared on Sky News today to complain – yawn – about Labour’s position on Brexit. In a nonsensical interview, Streeting complained that a Labour amendment to retain access to the EU internal market has no chance of passing – but claimed that an amendment to remain fully in the single market via the […]

“It’s a whirlwind” – exclusive interview with Lewisham East shortlist candidate Sakina Sheikh

Sakina Sheikh is one of four candidates shortlisted by Labour’s National Executive Committee for the Lewisham East by-election triggered by Heidi Alexander’s departure to the London mayor’s office. She is a newly-elected Lewisham councillor and is backed by Momentum. SKWAWKBOX: Thanks for making time to chat, you must be having a bit of a whirlwind […]

Farage, Banks ‘to join DUP’

Nigel Farage was speaking this evening at a DUP event in Ballymena, alongside DUP MPs Ian Paisley Jr, Sammy Wilson and Paul Girvan: While there, he may have been filling in application forms. Rumours are strengthening in Northern Ireland that he – and former UKIP funder Arron Banks – are about to join the DUP, […]

Video: Tory minister: small towns are so important we forgot they’re not having elections

As local election results start to come in, spokespeople from political parties are all over the media to interpret the results. But occasionally, one lets something slip that reveals more than they intended. So it was tonight with Tory front-bencher Liz Truss. Ms Truss was trying to persuade Sky News’ Faisal Islam that the Tories […]

Video: Abbott’s response to Sky’s biased attempt to excuse Rudd raises blisters

A Sky News presenter attempted this morning to minimise Amber Rudd’s culpability for the abysmal treatment of Windrush citizens by claiming it’s hard to keep track – and snidely reminding Shadow Home Secretary that she once mixed up a number during a radio interview. Ms Abbott icily pointed out what she hadn’t done: ruin lives, deny […]