Video: McDonnell – ‘iniquitous’ Universal Credit is beyond fixing. ‘It’s got to go’

John McDonnell Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell delivered a damning verdict on Universal Credit (UC) during an interview with Sky News this morning – and signalled a significant and, for many, long-awaited shift in Labour Party policy. As the SKWAWKBOX covered yesterday, DWP Secretary Esther McVey has told ministers that millions of families with children […]

Rewriting history: Sky News just ‘forgot’ the 2016 ‘coup’, claims NO leadership challenge

According to Sky News, this didn’t happen. Sky News just performed a remarkable piece of retroactive historical surgery in an article about Jeremy Corbyn’s supposed refusal – in reality, Labour rules do not give him the power – to ‘protect’ Labour MPs facing deselection by their local members. The article – which features, of course, […]

‘Tory Glasto’ yesterday was absolutely bouncing..

‘Tory Glastonbury’ – or to give it its official title, the ‘Big Tent Festival of Ideas’ – took place yesterday. You could be excused for missing it, since it seems almost everyone else did: No, that’s not a spoof picture. In case you think it’s a one-off or an unflattering camera angle, here’s another from […]

MSM, politicos rush to share fake news re Patrick Stewart ‘quits’ Labour

Actor Sir Patrick Stewart has issued a tweet correcting reports that he had left the Labour Party: Stewart later clarified that he had not been misquoted but that his comments had been misrepresented. You can say that again – the list of news outlets propagating the fake news was considerable: Others, including an array of […]

Jewish people respond with disgust to Hodge’s ‘1930s Germany’ comment

Labour MP Margaret Hodge spoke to Sky News yesterday about the experience of being told that she faced a disciplinary investigation for swearing at and insulting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – and compared it to being Jewish in the 1930s and fleeing Nazi Germany: The comparison – of receiving a disciplinary letter and being hounded […]

IHRA-motion MP’s CLP votes overwhelmingly to support Labour code

Earlier this week, Louise Ellman was one of two Labour MPs expected to propose a motion at the weekly PLP (parliamentary Labour party) meeting. The motion was ultimately deferred until early September, but constitutes an attempt to manoeuvre Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee) into abandoning Labour’s Code of Conduct. That code endorses the IHRA’s (International […]

Video: a tale of two Toms – Watson’s five-day about-face on May’s Brexit deal

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson They say a week is a long time in politics. It seems five days is a very long time in the life of politician Tom Watson. Just last Tuesday, Watson – along with a number of other Labour ‘moderates’ – enraged many Labour supporters by telling the BBC that he […]

The troubling history of man behind #LabourLive protest group

The SKWAWKBOX has covered at some length the televised claims of a small group of protesters to have been ‘ejected’ from Saturday’s successful LabourLive event in London – and the video evidence and eyewitness testimony that challenges it. The protest was organised by two anti-Brexit organisations – in fact, limited companies – one of which was Our […]

Video: ‘ejected just after we chanted’ – so who’s this giving an interview at #LabourLive?

As the SKWAWKBOX covered on Monday, a small group of ‘centrists’ tried to disrupt Jeremy Corbyn’s speech during Saturday’s ‘LabourLive’ event in London – and two of them, including a right-wing candidate in this summer’s NEC elections, told Sky News on Saturday that they were immediately ‘ejected’ from the venue. The NEC candidate, Jasmin Beckett, […]

Video and eyewitnesses challenge Beckett’s Sky claim ‘ejected’ from #LabourLive

Former NEC member and current NEC candidate on the right-wing Labour First/Progress slate Jasmin Beckett appeared on Sky News on Sunday morning with a colleague and claimed they had been ‘turfed out’ of Saturday’s Labour Live. There appear to be serious question marks over this claim. A barrister who witnessed them leaving refuted the allegation […]