BBC’s woefully inadequate excuse for not editing out Perry’s Question Time libel

Comment Claire Perry’s barely-coherent Question Time rant Conservative minister Claire Perry displayed the Tories’ desperation to divert attention from Theresa May’s dismal deal and abject failure on Thursday night when she launched into an irrelevant, defamatory and almost incoherent rant against Jeremy Corbyn, accusing the Labour leader of being an antisemite and repeating the long-debunked […]

Video – forces veteran to Corbyn: “You’re a star, I love you”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn meets a forces veteran The predictable attacks on Jeremy Corbyn after any Armistice Day service have been rehashed – a literal rehash of an old ‘MSM’ smear against Michael Foot about his attire during the remembrance service, as well as a risible criticism of the size of his poppy – which […]

Survation’s huge poll puts Corbyn in reach of Downing Street

Polling company Survation has a reputation for accuracy after it was the only polling company – mocked for it at the time – to correctly predict the outcome of last year’s general election. The company has now conducted a huge poll of Westminster voting intention among UK voters – with a sample size (number of […]

Excl: right-wing ‘antisemitism troll’ caught inventing bio for fake a/s Twitter account

Antisemitism exists in the Labour Party as it exists across society. But not every claim made about it is true. As the SKWAWKBOX published on Monday, a Twitter account making a vile antisemitic comment and publicised on that platform by well-known ‘troll’ accounts who frequently attack Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party was a fake that […]

Wirral council leader accused of “choreographed political attack” to step down

Phil Davies Wirral council leader Phil Davies has been in and around controversy in the Merseyside borough recently. A council employee close to Davies was revealed as the ‘author’ of a resignation letter supposedly written by a councillor that contained vicious attacks on local Labour members – and Davies himself was listed as the last […]

Excl: NUJ ‘subverts democracy’ to ‘bully’ Mendoza out of Black History Month lecture

Canary editor-in-chief Kerry-Anne Mendoza NUJ’s black members (BMC) invited Canary editor Kerry-Anne Mendoza to deliver Black History Month lecture NUJ ‘chapel’ at Guardian/Observer ‘chapel’ protested Mendoza invitation NUJ’s NEC voted to ask  BMC to discuss invitation again – but claimed it would respect BMC’s freedom to choose, as well as freedom of speech and dissent […]

Orthodox union u-turns to support maligned activist

Shraga Stern, whose highlighting of Charedi Jews’ views led to smears against him In a striking u-turn, an Orthodox Jewish umbrella body representing Charedi Orthodox Jewish communities in the UK has announced its support for Charedi activist Shraga Stern. Mr Stern had come under attack after helping to organise a letter signed by thirty-four UOHC […]

Lansman, Momentum: Jewish Chronicle claims ‘complete and utter bollocks’

The Jewish Chronicle has published an article, showcasing claims by a supposed Momentum ‘senior figure’ about views allegedly held by Momentum founder Jon Lansman that attempts to dismiss the importance of Jewish Voice for Labour JVL), the left-wing, pro-Corbyn Labour group. But the article goes further, with the inflammatory claim by the alleged source that: […]

Wavertree members: ‘Lansman offered to mediate to persuade us to keep Luciana’

Momentum founder Jon Lansman and Wavertree MP Luciana Berger Liverpool Wavertree MP Luciana Berger was again involved in controversy recently when the right-wing press claimed that she was in danger from Labour members had to be accompanied by a police protective detail at the party’s annual conference in Liverpool. This turned out not to be […]

You’ll never guess who accepted a lift from Derby MP Chris Williamson

Derby North MP Chris Williamson Luke ‘Lukey’ Stanger is known as one of the most vocal commenters – many would say ‘trolls’ – against the supposed ‘hard left’ and on the issue of alleged antisemitism in the Labour Party. He has denied being linked to one of the worst troll groups, ‘Labour against antisemitism’ (LAAS), […]