Labour’s Formby shows Powell a better approach to online forums

Labour MP Lucy Powell has been appearing in the media to promote her “Private Member’s Bill” which, as she describes it, is intended to ‘establish’: legal accountability for what’s published in large online forums, I believe we can force those who run these echo chambers to stamp out the evil that is currently so prominent. […]

Mann accused of ‘threat to throw election’ if censure motion not withdrawn – and slips up

John Mann Labour MP John Mann has been accused of threatening to ‘throw an election’ if a motion of censure by a Labour branch in his constituency was not withdrawn. In a series of emails between Mann and the SKWAWKBOX, Mann denied the accusation – but also seemed to inadvertently confirm that he had made […]

Times claims exclusive – on topic SKWAWKBOX broke a month ago

On Monday, the Times ‘broke’ a story of a ‘row’ between deputy Labour leader Tom Watson and his boss about the slot allocated to Watson for his speech to Labour’s conference – and claimed it as an exclusive: A month earlier, the SKWAWKBOX broke the genuine exclusive of Watson’s ‘row’ – but it was a […]

‘NEC attack’ on Willsman is fake news – he hasn’t even been discussed

Peter Willsman Rumours have been circulating that today’s meeting of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) is in uproar as NEC member Peter Willsman is being attacked and demands are shouted for his resignation. These rumours are wholesale fake news. Multiple sources actually inside the meeting tell the SKWAWKBOX that the meeting is cordial and orderly, […]

Corbyn’s Tunis trip cost below declaration threshold

Jeremy Corbyn Right-wing rags have been desperately peddling the innuendo that Jeremy Corbyn might have done something bad by ‘failing’ to declare his 2014 trip to Tunisia – already the subject of increasingly-desperate and ineffective smears about wreaths and standing next to people – in the register of MPs’ interests. The smear runs something like, “If […]

Excl, extraordinary – LFI ‘throws supporter MP under bus’ in ‘damage-limitation’

Tulip Siddiq (source: As the SKWAWKBOX reported earlier, a news site revealed that Labour MP Tulip Siddiq told a constituent by email that she had not ‘signed up’ as a Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) supporter and was going to query with the organisation the fact that she was listed in its parliamentary supporters’ […]

UK’s NATO letter re Salisbury/Russia betrays flimsy case, contradicts earlier claims

The mainstream media have generally attempted to spin the OPCW’s (Office for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) equivocal support for Porton Down’s analysis of the toxin used in the Salisbury attack as if it proves the government’s case against Russia. Only the report’s executive summary has been released to the public – and that does […]

Video: BBC covers for Johnson AGAIN as #Marr ‘loses’ Johnson’s Novichok source question

Johnson falsely claimed Porton Down had confirmed Russia as the Novichok source FCO originally admitted it but later deleted tweets BBC covered for Johnson by ‘losing’ filmed interview question Marr repeated claim this morning video evidence exposes both the false claim and the cover-up On Wednesday, with the Foreign Office in disarray over the admission […]

Newsnight admits what SKWAWKBOX said 2 days ago: not just Russia can make Novichok

Russia probably still most likely source of the toxin SKWAWKBOX broke news two days ago that Novichok production does not require state-level facilitites BBC Newsnight programme ‘reveals’ the same from a second expert source Two days ago, the SKWAWKBOX published comments by Professor David Collum, group head of organic chemistry at the world-renowned Cornell University. […]

Video excl: second Johnson lie – or worse – emerges from Deutsche Welle interview

Russia remains a feasible source of the toxin used in the Salisbury attack Boris Johnson lied to the UK public that Porton Down had positively identified a source – and the Establishment is pulling out all the stops to cover for him Johnson’s statement in a filmed interview contains either a second lie – or […]