BBC’s outright fake news tonight on Douma ‘chlorine attack’

The BBC has been freely critical of Russia Today/RT, Iran’s Press TV and other similar state broadcasters, routinely hosting ‘talking heads’ who dismiss those broadcasters as mere mouthpieces. Tonight, the BBC dropped any pretence that it is any different or better with an astonishingly misleading article about the OPCW‘s (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) […]

Video: Johnson squirms for 2nd time in same #PMQs as Corbyn quotes him back to May

Boris Johnson – on the hook for the second time in the same PMQs As the SKWAWKBOX showed earlier, a beetroot-faced – or possibly gammon-faced – Boris Johnson was on the receiving end of a death-stare from Theresa May as a rampant Jeremy Corbyn took . the Tories apart during today’s PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions) […]

Cynical FBPE campaign disgraces itself with response to Corbyn’s Guatemala volcano tweet

On Tuesday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn put out a tweet expressing empathy with the people affected by the eruption of the Fuego volcano in Guatemala and the emergency services trying to help them: It was a statesmanlike comment but also a genuinely humane one. Sadly, the same cannot be said for some of the responses […]

Owen Smith’s Twitter ‘meltdown’ triggers formal complaint to party

As the SKWAWKBOX covered last weekend, Labour MP and former leadership challenger Owen Smith triggered much amusement on social media when he jumped to the completely erroneous assumption that Twitter account @James4Labour was John McDonnell aide James Mills and attempted to embarrass ‘Mills’ by commenting on his Twitter output. Smith only embarrassed himself – and […]

Video: bad day for centrists as rendition apology burns last shreds of Blairite credibility

The government’s letter today to Libyan politician Abdelhakim Belhaj and his wife Fatima Boudchar, apologising for their ‘rendition’ – their forcible and illegal transport – to Gaddafi’s Libya after their abduction in Malaysia by the CIA, has highlighted the culpability and complicity of the UK government in the widespread and shameful US practice: It’s likely, […]

With Trump about to bomb Syria, you need to see this

US fighter jets over Iraq The US is expected to start bombing imminently against the Assad regime’s forces and infrastructure in Syria. Based on recent history, the Tory government and adventurist so-called Labour ‘moderates’ will wish to join in – and will paint anyone who opposes the move as unpatriotic and, almost certainly, as a […]

UK firms sold nerve agent components to Syria

On Sunday, Jeremy Corbyn – who has a track record of opposition to abuses in Syria – reacted with outrage to news of the chemical attack on Syrian civilians: The latest attack in Syria – believed to have involved chlorine gas or similar – took place just over a year after an attack using the […]

On the ‘right side of history’ again: ten times Corbyn opposed Assad

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has a long track record of being ‘on the right side of history’. Whether that was in opposing apartheid South Africa, standing against war in Iraq and the bombing of Libya – or fighting austerity when most other politicians were afraid to contradict it – Corbyn has been proven again and […]

Seems the BBC really, really doesn’t want you to make this connection (video)

In a bombshell interview today, Porton Down chemical weapon facility CEO Gary Aitkenhead admitted to Sky News that they don’t know – and cannot tell from the information they can obtain from samples gather – where the Salisbury nerve agent was made. Boris Johnson is on video record claiming he knew the toxin was made […]

Video: Johnson: ‘#PortonDown said categorically no doubt’. PD CEO: ‘No we didn’t’

In an interview today with Sky News, the Chief Executive of the Porton Down chemical weapons facility has landed Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in the deepest, hottest water of his political career. Johnson, in an interview with German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, claimed that he knew the source of the Salisbury nerve agent was Russia because […]