Mail’s latest smear: “Corbyn at wedding of man who did something 4 YEARS later”

The Mail has lurched straight from regurgitating year-old fake news as a ‘scoop’ to its most desperately bankrupt smear yet. The smear in the rag’s Sunday edition is an accusation that Corbyn associated with someone four years before they allegedly did something that they denied doing anyway. Author Alex Nunns summed up the nonsense of it […]

Massive solidarity as #WeAreCorbyn trends no1 UK/no3 worldwide

The UK is witnessing a massive show of solidarity with smeared Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. A #WeAreCorbyn hashtag launched this evening has rocketed to number one in UK Twitter trends – within just five minutes of going live – and as high as number three (currently number four) worldwide: Comment: The Establishment – which has made […]