RMT will ‘align’, not re-affiliate, to Labour – and what that means

Members of the RMT (Rail, Maritime and Transport Union) have been voting in recent weeks on whether the union should re-affiliate to the Labour Party. In a tight result, the union has decided not to re-affiliated – but instead to ‘align’ itself with the party. A statement by RMT General Secretary Mick Cash explains: Our consultation […]

Labour First confuse by nominating LEFT candidate. Left candidate protests

Gateshead councillor and NPF rep Mary Foy Right-wing Labour faction Labour First routinely nominate – usually together with Blairite group Progress – right-wing candidates it wants its supporters to vote for in elections for key positions. But it has now been accused of muddying the waters by including left-wing candidates in its recommendations. Allies of Mary Foy, a […]

MP Harris leaves LFI supporter list – believed to have been added without consent

MP and Welsh Labour deputy leader Carolyn Harris Yesterday, the SKWAWKBOX published the names of six Labour MPs that had disappeared from the list of Labour Friends of Israel’s (LFI) parliamentary supporters, after parliamentary sources told this blog that MPs had been removed after saying they were listed without consent. The list missing the six […]

LFI members

Edit: This article originally said that six MPs had been removed from the list of Labour Friends of Israel’s parliamentary supporters. LFI has stated that the list missing six names was an old list, although it was live on their site until 24 May 2018. It has now been deleted and attempts to navigate to […]

Excl, extraordinary – LFI ‘throws supporter MP under bus’ in ‘damage-limitation’

Tulip Siddiq (source: parliament.uk) As the SKWAWKBOX reported earlier, a news site revealed that Labour MP Tulip Siddiq told a constituent by email that she had not ‘signed up’ as a Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) supporter and was going to query with the organisation the fact that she was listed in its parliamentary supporters’ […]

Tories fail for year to answer for £100k raid on bereaved families. Then cancel their one appearance

Imagine being a parent of young children, then finding out not only that you are terminally ill – but that a law change introduced by the Tories a year ago is going to take £100,000 of vital support from your bereaved family. Last March, the Tories forced through the “Bereavement Support Payment Regulations 2017“, which […]

Vid: despite msm onslaught, even Wales’ relative centrist stronghold gave Corbyn rousing welcome

Jeremy Corbyn spoke yesterday at Labour’s conference in the relative right-wing stronghold of Wales – and received a huge standing ovation, in spite of the relentless media onslaught as the ‘MSM’ continue to portray him negatively while often ignoring or even covering up the shame and disarray on the Tory front benches: Corbyn used the […]