Hundreds of Israeli citizens send letter of support to Jeremy Corbyn

A pro-refugee protest in Tel Aviv, Israel, earlier this year Hot on the heels of letters signed by thirty-four leading Orthodox rabbis and other Charedim in support of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, almost 300 Israeli citizens have signed a letter in support of Corbyn and the Labour Party. Prominent signatories include: academics Bashir Abu-Manneh, Avraham Oz and Shlomo […]

Excl: Board of Deputies emergency meeting agrees to pressure UOHC to abandon protest

Charedim at a protest in Israel As the SKWAWKBOX broke exclusively last week, forcing the Jewish Chronicle to follow, Charedi (Orthodox) Jews are planning to protest at the annual dinner of the Board of Deputies (BoD) in November. The aim of the Charedi protest is to express their anger that the BoD claims to represent all the […]

NEC chooses 10+(5 or 5) leader nomination criteria

Jeremy Corbyn congratuled by loser Owen Smith after the 2016 leadership contest Labour’s NEC has backed a change to the nomination threshold for future leadership contests. Future would-be candidates will need nominations by ten percent of MPs – MEPs will no longer be a factor post-Brexit. In addition, they will require support from either five percent […]

Signatories to leading Orthodox rabbis’ pro-Corbyn letter rise to 34

Last week, the SKWAWKBOX revealed that the Jewish Chronicle (JC) had quietly amended its claim that a letter supporting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and signed by twenty-nine leading Orthodox rabbis, which had been published on this blog, was fake. This blog then revealed that conclusive evidence of the letter’s authenticity had been in the JC’s possession days before it […]

Orthodox Jews to protest at Board of Deputies annual dinner

BoD president Marie van der Zyl and guest of honour Sadiq Khan Representatives of London’s Orthodox Jewish community plan to stage a protest at the Board of Deputies’ (BoD’s) annual dinner in early November. Earlier this month, leading Charedi (Orthodox) rabbis published an open letter in support of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn that was immediately […]

Excl: “Affirmative ballot” is no defeat. It’s the new selection system that Corbyn backs

Mainstream media, as they’re inclined to do, have this morning been spinning the NEC’s (National Executive Committee’s) intended new system for selecting MPs as a ‘defeat’ for Corbyn – presenting an assumption that Corbyn himself was a supporter of the ‘open selection’ system that some activists have been campaigning for and was unable to get […]

Now NEC’s circuits are unfrazzled this morning, selection situation looks better. Here’s how

In the tumult and exhaustion last night after a long day and a debate against a background of high member emotion, the picture painted by members of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) who spoke to the SKWAWKBOX last night was far from disastrous – but it was worse than the real outcome. Here’s the definitive […]

SKWAWKBOX continues making a splash. Please support if you can

The SKWAWKBOX continues to have a substantial impact on the UK’s political narrative and on the information available to the left and the wider public – in many cases bringing information that would not be available elsewhere. The effectiveness and importance of that information can be seen in further Establishment attempts to restrict its circulation […]

Open selection moves closer as Unite’s Beckett voices support. You can help

Howard Beckett speaking at last year’s TUC conference While Momentum and many CLPs (constituency Labour parties) have been raising awareness and backing for open selection, Labour insiders and activists feel that Chuka Umunna’s recent statements reflect an attempt by right-wingers to hold the membership to ransom with threats of a break-away party in a bid […]

Jewish Chronicle rows quietly back from claims rabbis’ Corbyn-support letter is fake

On Monday, the SKWAWKBOX published a letter signed by twenty-nine Orthodox rabbis denouncing ‘irresponsible’ claims that Jews are ‘outraged’ toward ‘respected’ Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn or that Jewish citizens are considering leaving the UK because of him. The rabbis of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations said that they wished to, clarify that we have […]